Things That Girls Want To Hear From Boys

Over and over, I’ve had an experience. If you say a thing properly to a girl, she would act just as you want. On the other hand, she too can turn into a violent wild animal, if you annoy her or neglect her. In the second case, your existence might have a great danger. Therefore, I’m here to bring to light some of the things that girls want to hear from boys. I feel it as my responsibility that I must confirm how certain ideas can yield you girls’ favor. First of all, always remember that as the nature plays a vital role, no girl in the world ever gets bored of hearing praise. As a replacement for this golden rule, I must share some unconventional ways also to you and the raison d’être for their helpfulness.

There are certain ways of verbal communication and physical expressions intended for the girls, which surely help you to win her attentive affection. You might have started dating a girl and are serious in the relationship. Otherwise, you’ve found new feelings of love in your childhood friend. Or, unfortunately, after a quarrel with your girlfriend, there are the days and night of emotional trauma. In any of the case above, you always have fear that she might drop concern for your tender feelings and will pick up somebody else from her friend circle. Doesn’t matter what the case is. Just go on pursuing the given suggestions that have different ways to acquaint her with your feelings. I’m convinced; she will surely be in the seventh heaven, as these are the stuffs that girls like to take notice of.

Commonly, the things that girls feel affection for can be divided into some of the groups like: –

→ How she looks?

→ Your assurance for the future in her company

→ Flaunting suspicion

→ Concern that expresses curiosity in her life.

1. Role of Compliments in Making Girls Cheerful

Though a man has three basic requirements of food, clothes and shelter, yet girls need a bonus thing of ‘compliments’. Always commit to memory that, not only girls love to hear compliments from you, but they breathe through flatter also. Therefore, just like a fish out of water, if they don’t catch praise to their hearts, they might wither to depart the lives. For that reason, from time to time, just go on passing a pleasant remark. Never be ‘a shrinking violet’ to do so, as you’ll enjoy a huge repayment of your kind words. Nevertheless, watch over that your kind words shouldn’t have any shade of adulation. Every girl has a sixth sense, through which she will definitely see your advances and dump you away. Now, see these are some of the compliments that girls usually like to hear from you: –

→  “You are gorgeous.” Though look very plain, these words leave a long-lasting result. No matter, whether the girl is pleased with you or angry, she craves to hear it.

→  “You look beautiful in this T-Shirt.” Despite the fact that this appears to be a courteous expression, yet she better knows (and likes also) what you exactly mean ‘she has full-bosom’.

→  “You are witty.” If your girl is excellent in academics, this sentence shall prove to be a symbol of admiration. It always makes a difference, ‘who says it first … Dean or boyfriend?’

2. A Promise of Future is a Promise of Security

Just imagine the blossom on her chubby cheeks, when you promise her with the warm dream of ‘tomorrow’. Though having a simple chat over a cup of coffee, don’t forget to include her in your plans of the upcoming days. By this, you offer her an indication of the protection. For this, you have to declare a bit that will be a sign to her that you dream to be her life-partner in the future. It’s as much as necessary to let her know that you love to see a prospect together.

Utter something like these kinds of sentences, which girls love to hear: –

→ “Let’s visit my friend’s home for a house-warming, the next month.”

→ “Now, as you’re with me, I’m not paying attention to someone else.” Always remember that girls like security in relationship. Therefore, she would always have an unavoidable doubt about your loyalty to her. For that reason, when she raises a suspicion, say a little like this. This type of sentence will contradict her fears and she will get comfort that she was the only one God has ever made for you.

3. Concern in Her Life

Girl, of all time, really likes when her man plays the role of a strong shield in their courtship. However, when he fails to do so, it makes them motivated to look for someone else. Thus, it is your responsibility to give her an idea about how much you care for her. This clearly indicates that you need to be protective once in a while. However, don’t misunderstand – we’re not telling you to be violent or to use mistrustful blames. Yet, to a certain extent, with unflinching calmness, you must reveal to her that whatever the case may be; you would never like to lose her. There is always an alarming that after considering all the things, if you show disinterest in her happiness, there are many around her who would like to do so.

Remember the following questions that she loves to hear from you, though they smell some suspicion: – 

→ “Why didn’t you pick up my phone?” You needn’t to be doubtful, just periodically find out ‘where is she?’

→ Your girl likes to see you in the contest with the others to win her confidence. For this, ask her a question “With whom were you talking this morning in the college library?” However, remember that she must consider this question partly as a joke, and seriously in part.

4. Ask Questions

Until the end of time, girls like that you have curiosity in their everyday matters. If you memorize this rule and act accordingly, you can amaze her by recalling important fine points of her day-to-day affairs afterward. Here are some suggestions, with which, I’m sure your girl would be happy to hear:

→  When she meets you in the evening, you can start with a helpful and winning question, “How was the whole day?” Yet, while asking this, you need to be very alert, as most of the girls are talkative and this question may initiate a long chat, which might be of no importance to you.

→  Prove her that you have sympathy about family and friends. For this, ask her about her mother, whom she had referred to be ill or going through difficult time. “How’s your ill mother now? Recovered, I wish?” This will astound her of your memory. She will thus surely be thankful to you.

5. Practice the Methods to Impress Her

How you say something is as important as what you say. The situation would be somewhat embarrassing for you when you misuse these compliments, and at the same time you can’t genuinely deliver your feelings to her, you clearly create many problems ahead in your relationship. Therefore you have to perfect your approach and way of conduct too, which would create confidence about you in her mind.

6. Some Short and Simple, Yet Effective Tips to Remember Forever

1. Say : –

  • “I love you.”
  • “You’re beautiful.”
  • “God has gifted you a pair of wonderful eyes”

2. Pleasant acts to do: –

  • Put your arms around her often.
  • Kiss periodically.
  • Wrap her with your warm sweater in cold.

3. Small talk to begin with: –

  • “What’s the plan for the holidays?” or
  • “Where you were for the vacations?”
  • “Which is your favorite movie?”
  • “What do you like in music?”

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