Things you Should Stop Doing in 2013

5. Whining About Technology.

When you were a child, you were told that the dawn of the 21st century would bring in its wake gadgets and appliances that would make living more comfortable. So, what seemed fantastic to you during your growing up years is a reality now. You can get in touch with anyone you desire to do just by pressing on some keys.

You can send a mail to anybody in the world almost instantly simply by tapping on the computer keyboard. You can talk with anyone just by pressing some number keys. So, you should not be whining if you can’t talk to your wife when you’re traveling in the subway train. You should also not grumble if delivery of an email gets delayed by a few seconds because the internet is slow. If you want to really avail of the benefits of technology, you’ll have to learn to live with its downsides as well.

Whining About Technology

6. Concentrating on the Future Instead of the Present.

Live every moment of your life with gusto and a spirit of joie-de-vivre. Cherish this instant that’ll be gone for good. Be a rolling stone but don’t be like the one that gathers no moss. Don’t get so immersed in your engagements or activities that life becomes all work and no play. Enjoy the sights and sounds around you.

Sometimes, we are so focussed on what life will be like for us in the future that we miss out on living in the present. More often than not, you realize the actual value of an instant or moment only after it’s gone. So do not while away your moments by leading a one-track life and perpetually worrying about the future. Rather, spend each moment with sufficient verve and gusto so that you can reminisce about these instants when you look back at your life in retrospection.

Concentrating on the Future Instead of the Present

7. Wasting Money on Things that you can do Without.

We live in times of crass consumerism and commercialism. Everybody is brainwashed into believing that contentment lies in going materialistic. The numerous commercials and promotions in every sort of print or electronic media brazenly and blatantly entice us to splurge on goodies. We are made to believe that the more we spend, the happier we will be. When we purchase something on impulse, we hardly pause to consider or reflect that material things alone cannot make us happy. By that same token, money can only help us buy the ‘means’ or ‘sources’ of happiness but can never be an end in itself.

Wasting Money on Things that you can do Without

So, the next time you decide to buy something either on impulse or by design, spare a thought on whether you really need the item. There are certain things you’ll never be able to buy even if you’re the richest man in the world. You won’t be able to put a price tag on the smiling face of your child or on the special moments that you spend with your spouse. Furthermore, the necessity of saving money in the uncertain times we live does not need to be exaggerated. If we are to secure our and our families’ futures, we’ll need to save much more than we spend.

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