Things you Should Stop Doing in 2013

So, another new year is upon us which yet again gives us another chance to begin on a clean slate. How you happen to ring in the New Year that recycles itself after every 365 days and more importantly, how you plan to spend the entire year, is a matter of individual perspective. You’d definitely be drawing up a list of ‘New Year resolutions’ that you’d pledge (maybe for the umpteenth time) to abide by in letter and spirit. That’s not a big deal considering the fact that there are an almost infinite number of people who make such a listing almost every year.

Besides several pledges and resolutions, you should also make a list of things you should stop doing in 2013. The determination and the steadfastness to hold on to the promises that are enshrined in the listing, fizzle out for most people quite early on. And the resolutions are as good as forgotten by the middle of the year. The reason why most people give up on the vows they took at the beginning of the year is that these ‘vows’ or ‘resolutions’ are more often than not, quite impractical or unrealistic.

Holding on to these unfeasible pledges naturally becomes a tall order. However, you can take a break from making a ‘to-do’ list that seems to get more and more mundane with every passing year. For a start, you can simply stop making a listing and just make a mental note of the resolutions that you plan to uphold with a missionary zeal. However if you cannot restrain yourself from the urge of chalking out a list, then why not take a totally different approach?

In other words, you can consider making a list of Things You Should Stop Doing In 2013.

1. Getting Overly and Overtly Emotional on Social Networking Sites.

Yes, you heard that right. The Internet, without an iota of doubt is the best and most pervasive medium to get in touch with all and sundry. However, do not misuse the potentiality of the net by treating it as a personal almanac where you can post your daily routine.

The advent and gradual development of the Internet has encouraged the proliferation of automated social networking sites in the past decade. Many people use or rather abuse their profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and many other networking sites by uploading and sharing their personal events or engagements. By letting others know what you did throughout the day and what you plan to do in the upcoming days, you’re exposing yourself.

Any confidential information that you post online can be used against you by vested interests for their personal gains. Moreover you’d do well to remember that more than 95% of those who go online have very short attention spans. Therefore, they won’t even bother reading your tweets if they’re not riveting.

Getting Overly And Overtly Emotional On Social Networking Sites

2. Needlessly Worrying About Things Beyond Your Control.

What is bound to happen will happen. So, there’s point in trying to change the course of things or events that is destined to occur. Furthermore, you’d be wasting your valuable time and unduly disturbing your peace of mind by uselessly worrying about things you cannot control.

For instance, you cannot control the traffic congestion on your way to office. You definitely cannot always control your kids from playing video games or sending meaningless texts to their friends.  However, you can always leave for office a little more early to avoid getting caught in the traffic jam. As a guardian, you are well within your rights to enforce strict discipline in your home so that your kids don’t go astray.

Needlessly Worrying About Things Beyond Your Control

3. Worrying About People who Don’t Matter to You.

There will always be a tribe of people who’ll be willing to risk everything for their ‘idols’ or ‘celebrities’. In the present times, these personalities usually happen to be celluloid stars, politicians, musicians, singers, and other noted public figures. If you happen to be a diehard fan of any such well-known public figure, then you surely keep a minute by minute account of that person’s life.

However, there might be millions like you who follow your idol as devoutly as you do. So, you’d hardly be making a dent on your icon’s popularity if you stopped being his or her fan. You’d be much better off if you simply stopped bothering about people who’re not connected to you in anyway, directly or indirectly.

Rather, try to make a difference in the lives of those who are near and dear to you like your spouse, kids, parents, friends and relatives, and your neighbors. Try to spend quality time with people who care about you and give a meaning to your life. Those individuals who are really close to you are the ones that deserve your attention.

Worrying About People Who Don’t Matter To You

4. Self-Diagnosing Instead of Consulting a Doctor.

Agreed that the Internet is an immensely powerful medium that can help you with unearthing information for just about anything. For instance, if you’re down with a high fever, you can browse the net to find out if your fever is symptomatic of any underlying disease.  However, the Internet is not an omnipotent medium. Whatever data you uncover will be only of general use.

The information will not help you to get rid of your fever or help in accurate diagnosis. So, if you strongly feel that your symptoms might be indicative of some grave ailment or disease, you must consult your physician. There is no other alternative, and perhaps, there never will be one. And bear in mind that the net can never replace the doctor.

Self-Diagnosing Instead of Consulting A Doctor

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