8 Things you Should Never Say to Your Child

What we say has a lot of impact on others and many a time we commit the mistake of uttering words that should not have come out from our mouth in the first place. But the most unfortunate thing about this act of uttering words is that you cannot undo the act if you have screwed it up. There is just no ‘ctrl+z’ button that you can press to erase your mistake and reverse things back to their neutral status. If something wrong, hurtful or nasty has come out of your mouth, it gets etched in the mind of the listener and no matter how hard you try to wipe out the bad feeling it has left in its wake, you cannot do anything to weed it out in anyway. Of course, a ‘sorry’ can alleviate the heartache of the person who has been the target of your harsh words but it cannot stop him/her from feeling bad. Therefore, it is very important to weigh your words carefully before you say them to another person.

All human beings are sensitive creatures by nature and how they are treated has a good deal of impact on their physical and psychological well being. Words have more power than we can ever imagine. Soothing, kind words can make us feel good and harsh, unkind words can make us feel miserable. Hence, take care before you say anything and be most careful when you are speaking to your children. They are very tender and sensitive. If you say anything bad or insensitive to them, it can harm their growth. Being a parent is not an easy thing. You have to be really on your toes when it comes to treating your children the right way. Any small negligent act of yours can have a grave impact on them. Children are like flower saplings in a garden that need sincere and soft nurturing to bloom into beautiful and bright flowers. Any harsh and heated verbal talk can render them prone to damage. So, be careful. Take a look at this compilation that underlines the things you should never say to your child. It will help you avoid the pitfalls that make the path of parenting a tricky one to tread.

1. Why Can’t you be Like Your Brother/Sister

Comparison is the worst thing that you can do to your child. When you compare them with their sibling they feel bad and insulted. A child has a lot of self-esteem and if you rub them the wrong way on this front, they can take it in a very harmful way. It can also result in serious sibling rivalry and spoil the atmosphere at home.

Why can’t you be Like Your Brother/Sister

2. It is Better to be Childless Than to Have Someone Like you

You know you don’t mean it at all but this is something that most parents utter when their child drives them crazy. Well, children are very sensitive to such remarks. They can really withdraw into a shell if they take it seriously. Saying such a thing to a child amounts to making him feel unwanted and worthless. Nothing can be crueller than this because you know your child didn’t come into the world out of his own volition. You were the one who brought him here and now you are questioning his existence.

It is better to be Childless than to have Someone like you

3. I don’t Like that Friend of Yours, Stay Away From him

Friends are someone whom children admire a lot. If you tell them that you don’t like their friend, it means that you are doubting their judgment and questioning their integrity. There are other ways to keep your child away from bad company but saying such a thing is rude from every angle. So, don’t ever pass remark on their friends.

4. I was a far Better Child Than you at Your Age

Again, comparison is not the right thing to do even if you bring yourself into the equation. You must remember that times are never same and even if you were more responsible than your child at his age, why do you expect him to be the same? Every child is special and grows at his own pace. So, let him be. Don’t harbor expectations from him and most important of all, don’t think that he will be your carbon copy and act the same way as you did when you were a child.

I was a far Better Child than you at your age

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