Things you need for College: The Check List

7. Clothes:

When deciding on the clothes to wear in your college, your decision will depend upon the climate of the place where your college is located. In addition to clothes you should carry comfortable shoes with you. You should take with you clothes for every day wear, gym clothes and shoes, two formal outfits, rainy wear, slippers to wear in the room and a bathing suit.


8. Eatables:

Like your home a kitchen will not be available for you all the time. You will be eating in a mess or a canteen which follows a time schedule. You need to keep some snacks handy in your dormitory too for emergency. Carry some containers with you for storing snacks, a large bowl, spoon, folk, knife, drinking cups, a coffee mug, salt and pepper shakers, dishes, a bottle opener and a water filtration pitcher. You can also keep a refrigerator or a microwave in your dorm, but you need to check with your college authorities before going in for either of them.


9. Cooler or a Tiny Table Fan:

Most dorms in college hostel do not have air conditioning and can get pretty hot during the summer. A tiny fan can do wonders for your room.

Cooler or a Tiny Table Fan:

10. Messenger Bag:

A stylish, useful and trendy bags are required when you enter college for keeping books and other items. Stylish bags are the most used accessories for a college student.

Messenger Bag

11. Tool Kit:

You need not to wait for the maintenance staff if you have equipment with you. The tape measure will come in handy when trying to arrange furniture.  Assembling furniture and fixing minor maintenance issues will be easy for you.

Tool Kit

12. First Aid Kit:

This is one of the things that you should not miss. Buy a pre-packaged kit or assemble your own. In your box put brand-aids, a tube of Neosporin, a thermometer and some essential medicines.

First Aid Kit

How to Pack your Bag:

To avoid having to dump out your bag every time you need something, choose a front-loading backpack to make unpacking easy. Front-loading backpack give you access to all of your stuff without having to unload the pack first. While packing you bag be sure to sure to compartmentalize. By choosing a bag with multiple compartments or using compression bags, you can easily segment all of your clothes and gear, so you always know where everything is stored.

How to Pack your Bag

To make things easier and avoid any hassles during packing, you can get in touch with some of the students already in college. Take help of your elder cousins and ask them for what all things you will need.

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