Things you need for College: The Check List

Entering college means that now you are going to leave your home and enter the world outside. As a fresher, many students are confused as what to take to the college for the first time, so there are many things you need for college. Many land up in the college with huge suitcases without the most essential items. A good preparation is very essential to avoid spending the first few days of college life, running around to buy essential items. If you have made a decision and are in the process of getting things for college then the article on this page will give you an idea as what sort of things you need for college. It will also help you in college packing list.

If you prefer a suitcase to pack your items keep it reasonably sized. College hostel rooms are usually very compact, so a big suitcase may appear like another bed in the room. Keep your bag small so that it can come under your bed easily and do not hinder the walking path.

1. The First thing that you will Probably start Packing is your Clothing.

You might want to bring all of the clothes that you own, but you should be aware that sometimes you are required to shift your belongings from one dorm to another at the end of the semester. So you should limit the amount of belongings you are carrying.

The First thing that you will Probably start Packing is your Clothing

2. Toiletries:

You need to bring toiletries and personal items. Toiletries would include items like a toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant. The bathrobe is necessary to keep you covered as your travel from the bathroom to your room.


3. Sleep Aids:

In a shared dorm room, everyone is inevitably on different schedule. If you need a good night sleep, pack a sleep mask and earplugs. If you do not want to hear the noise around you, grab some ear plugs and an eye mask and enjoy a good night sleep.

Sleep Aids

For your room you need to carry a lot of stuff to make it more comfortable and livable. Here is a list of items that you need to have:

  • Clothes hangers and a drying rack
  • Adhesive hooks, mounting tape, poster putty and tacky adhesive.
  • Message/bulletin board for your door and room.
  • Trash can
  • Mirror
  • Stacking baskets
  • Storage cubes for laundry
  • Alarm clock, fan and a lamp
  • Sewing kit, tool kit, safety pins and scissors
  • Mattress, bedspreads, bed linen, blanket and pillows

4. Study Material:

You may carry some things like a dictionary, calculator, a day planner, writing notepad, laptop, personal computer, paper, pen drive and some blank CD’s. This will help you to study in your college.

 Study Material

5. For Emergency:

While staying in a college dorm you might face many emergency situations so you always need to be prepared to handle them. There are some things that you need to carry along, which will help you to face these emergencies, so things such as first aid box which should include essential medicines, flashlight, backpack, an umbrella, credit card, bank account number, extension cords, etc, should be taken.

For Emergency

6. For Entertainment:

There will be a common TV area where you can entertain yourself. If you want something in private, you can take a DVD player. You may keep an MP3 player, video game system, stereo or an iPod too. Do not forget to carry headphones.

For Entertainment

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