Things Men Want On The First Date

Dating someone for the first time can be equally nerve-wracking for both the sexes. Irrespective of whether you’re a man or a woman, you always wished you could make out in advance what’d come to pass on your first date so that could be prepared in advance. However, things are not that simple and clear-cut in real life. Dating an individual for the first time is akin to participating in a sweepstake.

Though you take part in the sweepstakes obviously with the desire to win a big purse, it is equally possible that you might end up losing your ticket money if you come a cropper. So dating a person initially with a view to understanding that individual in a better manner can be evenly exciting and startling at the same time. As far as first dates are concerned, men and women have their own distinct approaches.

Things men want on the first date

1. Men and Women Think Differently With Regards to Dating For the First Time

The way a man thinks and act in the initial phases of dating is markedly different and distinct from that of a woman. As it is commonly believed that women tend to be more perceptive than men in matters of the heart, they’re able to pick up traits or attributes of men quite early on in the early junctures of dating. This essentially means that women are able to make up their minds more quickly than men on whether they should enter into a long-term relationship and go on dating their prospective partners.

Just after a few dates, many women start feeling, and quite strongly on most occasions that they’re already in a stable relationship. On the contrary a man takes a longer time in comprehending whether the woman he’s dating is the one he should settle down with. He’s also slow in deciphering the subtle signs and nuances that’ll help him to get a fair idea if the girl he’s going out with really cares about him.

When a girl positively feels that she’s in an affair with a guy only after a few dates, she’ll start nursing expectations. She’ll start believing that the guy will be always at her beck and call. She will get annoyed if he doesn’t see her more frequently or ring her up every other day.

A man, on the other hand, takes his time in asking out a woman because they want to be doubly sure if she’s the right one to go out with and whether she’d agree to a date with him. For a man, asking a woman for a date for the first time can be quite intimidating as the chances of getting rejected always lurks round the corner. No matter whatever he does to impress her, he has to be careful about not overdoing it.

Once he’s successful in convincing a girl for a first date, he does not leave any stone unturned to ensure everything goes off smoothly. So, it’s quite clear that men and women have different expectations with regards to dating in the preliminary stages. In this context, what are the things men want on the first date? Of all the expectations men have from women when dating for the first time, the following things are almost always on the top of the priority list.

  1. A Warm Reception or Welcome in the First Place. For a start, men more often than not have to face more stress than women in their day to day lives. So, they have great expectations when going on a date with a woman they have taken a fancy for. You as a woman would be pleasantly surprise your new boyfriend if you greet him with a tight hug. Exchanging a handshake would make him feel as if he’s being welcomed for an office meeting. Embracing your man will make it amply clear that you’re open and flexible to the chances of development of a romantic relationship.
  2. Will Be Eager to Find Out What Makes His Girl Unique. Contrary to what a woman thinks, a majority of men do not always get carried away by looks. Young men nowadays want their prospective better halves or other halves to possess brains along with beauty. They want their women to have a persona and to be academically and professionally well qualified.

As a woman, you are certainly not without your unique abilities. You definitely have a knack in a particular area or field. Maybe you have a very good sense of humour or maybe you’re a very good conversationalist. Whatever extraordinary skills you possess, just don’t forget to give a subtle hint of the same to your potential partner, so that he’s tempted enough to ask you for a second date.

2. Men Would Like Their Women To Keep Reinventing Themselves

Men have a biological predisposition for straying and entering into extramarital relationships. Men, genetically or otherwise, are more inclined to be heterogamous than women. So, if you want your man to hold on to you for as long as possible and be interested in you, you’d have to keep reinventing yourself.

You’ll have to keep coming up with new and inventive ideas so that he does get bored with you in the long run. Bear in mind that monotony in a relationship can be disastrous as far as its longevity is concerned. Demonstrate your readiness and enthusiasm for trying out new things so that you remain appealing in the eyes of your boyfriend.

3. Men Would Want Women To Pay Their Undivided Attention

In this respect, men seem to be on an even keel with women. Just as you’d expect your guy to be focused on you when you’re dating him in the initial period, he’d also expect the same of you. That basically boils down to not taking calls on your cellphone unless it’s extremely urgent and not getting lost in conversation with an acquaintance who happens to turn up suddenly while you’re seeing your man.         

4. Men Would Prefer Women To Be Less Probing Initially

Men are certainly put off by women who’re too inquisitive right from the start. When you go out with your prospective partner for the first time, you’d be naturally eager to find out as much as you can about him in the shortest possible time. However, being overly curious right from the start may not be taken in the right spirit by your potential mate.

Men very much like women, just want to freak out and have fun when they go out on dates at least in the preliminary phase. Although there’s nothing wrong in having a probing attitude but you should hold your patience in the initial stages. You should give credence to the fact that your man is also attempting to study you and establish whether you’ll be able to adjust with him in the long run.

So, don’t make things unwarrantedly difficult for him and for yourself as well by trying to puzzle him with rapid fire questions everytime you meet. In a similar vein, do not bore your man with trivial or inconsequential details about the goings-on in your life. Just show that you can be as intelligent as any other woman by being a little humorous and tactful in your dealings.

5. Men Liked To Be Touched Upon

If you find yourself getting attracted to a guy you’re dating for the first time make your intentions known by subtly touching him on the arm or placing your hand on his. Try to lean in when you’re conversing with him or sit close enough so that your body slightly touches his. The idea is to give him enough hints that you find him interesting. If he’s interested in you as well, he’ll not have trouble picking up the hints.

6. Men Would Like Women Who Volunteer To Pick Up the Tab Sometimes

Gone are the days when men tried to be at their chivalrous best by taking the initiative to foot the bill for any purchase or expense when they went out on a date. Nowadays, a man would surely welcome his potential partner’s gesture to pick up the tab once in a while. Though it is very unlikely that, he will eventually allow you to pay but he’ll certainly welcome your attitude of generosity.

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