Things Guys Hate To Hear From Their Girlfriend

Why does your girlfriend always come up with something that you didn’t even expect? Guys, who are in a relationship, must know what it feels like when you hear something complete weird from your girlfriend. The male ego is usually the most sensitive aspect of a guy’s nature. The fact that “most men live in their heads” accounts for their king size egos. Men are egoistic and we all know that. So, girlfriends have always been a little wary, upsetting their boyfriends with what they say because everything affects them somehow. Most girls fail to understand the “ego” aspect of the male nature. If you are a girlfriend and willing to mend the way you talk to your boyfriend here is the solution for you. Here is a list of things guys hate to hear from their girlfriends.

Things guys hate to hear from their Girlfriend

Try and be like him

Come on girls, what’s wrong with you, if you like that guy, be with him rather than forcing your boyfriend to change his lifestyle. Comparisons are best avoided in a relationship especially when it’s about your man and keeping the “male ego” in mind. Just like girls don’t like to be compared to other girls similarly even guys hate to be compared with other guys. Many girls tend to make this mistake when they are feeling pissed off about something their boyfriend did. The only problem is that the guy is going to remember your “remark” and he is going to be hurt badly.

How do I look?

Are you girls serious when you ask your boyfriend questions like” how am I looking in this dress?” or “does this hairstyle suit me?” One thing I know being a guy is that if a girl is looking beautiful we will surely appreciate it. But when you ask such questions, we are only left with one answer that is “yes”. Constantly asking your boyfriend these common questions is not going to help you look more beautiful and trust me for this at a point of time, you will stop getting an honest answer. This is one of the most reiterated questions asked by a girl and even the toughest guy would feel like giving up in front of this question.

I need to tell you something

Every time a girl says something like this, guys feel that something big has been going on without his notice. Guys just fear this statement. As a guy you will never wish to hear something like “I guess it’s not working” or “Let’s bring an end to this relation”. It’s not that the men don’t want to hear what their girlfriends have to say to them but this statement usually means very bad news. So, if there is something you need to tell him, skip this statement and share your story with him.

My ex used to be….

As girlfriends even you don’t want to hear something that starts with or even includes the phrase “my ex use to be…” It is always advisable for you as a girlfriend to never start any sentences with these scary words. I guess in every relationship there is a time for everything. Talking about your ex-boyfriend once in a while is all right but continuously bringing up his name or things he used to do will only be contributing in making him feel more diffident.  So in order to maintain a good relationship, try and avoid mentioning things about your ex or his feats to your boyfriend.This will certainly help you out to get over your past and look out for a good future.

Have I gained wait?

It’s a manipulative question and believe me there’s no right answer. If your boyfriend says yes, one thing is for sure that there is a big drama coming up. If he says no, you are just making us lie. The problem with a statement like that is that it focuses on the negative. What do you really want to listen when you ask such a senseless question? For you guys let me share that even my girlfriend asks me if she looks fat in almost everything she puts on before we go to a big party or something, and it always ends up starting a fight.

Are you watching football again?

As an adult guy, one thing I’m pretty sure of is that the guys love to watch football (any sports match) more than anything else. If you want to be in his good books, the most important thing you need to remember is that you never pick on his sports channels. Your boyfriend might start the biggest and scariest fight ever over a sports match. Guys are so passionate about sports that they might end up buying another TV. Boy’s hate conversation during matches so that’s not going to be a good time to pick a fight.

Your friends are so

Guys are all about their friends. You as a girlfriend always want to spend more time with your boyfriend but he loves to hang out with his friends more than you. Women mostly think their boyfriend’s guy friends are beneath them.  Even if you get thoughts like his friends are so vulgar, stupid and ill mannered, then also trust me for this, whatever you may feel about them never ever tell your opinions to your man. If however, there’s something that really bugs you about a certain friend, you can be specific. If you want to avoid unnecessary fights with him, don’t complain about his near and dear ones.

You remind me of my brother

How can you even imagine a guy to show interest in something that compares him to your brother? Guys want to date girls, not remind them of their siblings. Common mistake that girls often make is that they relate their boyfriend to her brother.


Guys hate their girlfriend saying something like “my mom, my sisters and my girlfriends used to all do this”. Do you girls say all these stuffs just because you want us to know that how great you are? A guy always prefers a woman who’s not passive-aggressive and tells it like it is.

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