Team Building Activities For Adults

Team building is an extremely important activity in an organization, without it no company can function. Employees are the most important assets of every organization. They work together for the betterment of the company. It is the company’s responsibility to keep them happy because happy employees are productive employees. As we grow up, from childhood to adolescence to adulthood, we develop our own thinking, likes and dislikes. This individualistic thinking causes disagreements with other people. These small differences hamper work in a company when people don’t know how to listen to other people and work with them.

In many offices we find a team leader who supervises a group of people. Many people are often dissatisfied with their peers and team leaders. In such cases it becomes difficult to work with them. Team building requires the effort of everyone in the group. It can result in good performance and understanding among employees and hence they can work in a better way for the company. The task of team building rests with the team leader. He/she must have leadership qualities and should know how to work with a group of people. Team leaders should have certain tact, which is very helpful in team building. There are small exercises full of fun that can help; some team building activities for adults are mentioned below:

Team building activities for adults

1. Winner- Loser activity

This is a great activity to let go of negative experiences that happened in the past. It will take around 5-6 minutes but its benefit will be of a lifetime. This activity is easy to do and no materials are needed.

Divide the team into pairs and then one partner tells about any bad experience that happened in the past in personal field or it can be work-related. Remember that the incident must be something that is over. After listening to the experience, the partner tells the same story with a positive aspect. This way the people will let go of emotional baggage and become positive.

2. Never use Never

This is a fun activity that will help the team to let go of negative thoughts and phrases. It will make them more enthusiastic and careful in their thinking. This exercise requires just poster papers and markers and will take around 5 minutes.

One person in a team will prepare a list of all negative phrases and words and maintain a separate box called the ‘never box.’ Anyone who speaks a negative phrase or word will have to put a decided amount of money in that box. After a good collection, the team can use the money to party. This will get rid of negative energy in the workplace.

3. Mission Accomplished

This is a very inspiring exercise for adults. It will make all the participants work for a common goal so that they learn to co-operate with each other. The activity requires an hour. Each participant will speak about their aim, vision and what they want to do for accomplishing it. After each one’s turn, the entire team creates a common mission. This way co-operation and a spirit of togetherness are instilled in each participant.

4. It’s my Life

This activity is a great starter as it helps in getting to know one another in a better way. As adults many people become self-centered, they hardly have time to know one another. This simple activity will take just 15-20 minutes. It requires a deck of picture cards.

The picture cards will represent different stages of life like, jack is childhood, queen is teen, king is adolescence and ace is now. Everyone has to pick a card and tell a story corresponding to the picture in the card. This activity will help people to uncover common interests.

5. Memory Test

Recalling things is a fun exercise and useful for adults too. This activity will help to increase retaining power and attentiveness. It will take around half an hour and the only requirement is of a small training before the activity.

After the training, divide the participants into small groups. Now each team gets 10 minutes to recall what they learnt or remember from the training. One person from each team reads out the points and get marks for each right point. Other teams can challenge him/her. Through this exercise, the instructor will learn what was important to the group.

6. Theatre Performance

This activity is very fun-filled and will help the participants to enhance learning, develop solutions and learn to work together. It will take around an hour. All the participants are divided into small groups and are given a title for a play. Every member has to enact a particular role, gather props, write the script and rehearse their play. This exercise will help adults to act out challenges.

7. Animal Game

This simple exercise is sure to make all the participants happy and help them to re-energize after a tiring day. This simple game will take 5-6 minutes and is full of fun. Participants become partners of two and tell each other which animal they want to be, if given a chance. They can’t speak but only enact and make sounds.

This activity will lighten up the day and break from the ordinary.

8. No Monday Fear

Mondays are dreaded everywhere. To ease out the tension on Monday mornings, try this enjoyable exercise. This activity will surely change the Monday mentality. Participants can choose their partners and they have to come dressed in their best clothes on a Monday morning. After this they talk to each other over a cup of coffee, click pictures with each other, talk about various things. Then there can be prizes for the best dressed.

This is sure to make all the participants relaxed and resume work happily.

9. Hula- Hoop Fortune

This is a very easy activity that stimulates creativity and increases patience. All you need is paper and pens. Each participant has to pretend that he/she has inherited a warehouse of hula-hoops. In 30 seconds, the person has to write what he/she will do with them. These ideas can be shared with everyone in the group. This exercise breaks up tension and blocked thinking.

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