How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 7

How to take a screenshot on windows 7? This is not a rocket science to do at all , it is very easy and understandable. A screenshot is a shot of your computer screen at a particular moment. Mainly it is an exact image of your entire computer screen. Mostly screenshots are taken with errors or warning messages on them and shown to the software vendor as proof of troubleshooting.Taking a screenshot can come in handy in case where you have issues with copyrights.

1. Taking A Screenshot

Taking a screenshot

If you know the right techniques taking a screenshot can be a really easy task and save a lot of time. The most common way to take a screenshot of your entire computer screen is simply by clicking the Print Screen or PrtScrn button on your keyboard. The print screen is located just above the insert key on the right of the keyboard. The screenshot is directly saved into your Windows clipboard. If you aren’t satisfied with the file you can open the file in paintbrush and edit it accordingly. If you need to take a screenshot of any of the active windows displayed on the screen, hit the key combination – ‘Alt + PrtScn’. Now open the file on paintbrush if you want to edit it and make sure that you save the file before closing the paintbrush application.

2. Capturing The Screenshot With Snipping Tool

Capturing the screenshot with snipping tool

In the latest edition of windows (windows7), you can take the screenshot with a specialized software program called the ‘Snipping Tool’. This software is the latest addition to windows and is specially designed for the purpose of taking a screenshots.

Open up your start menu and you will find the snipping tool under all programs and then accessories.  Click on the icon to open the program. Now you will notice that a small screen opens up on the screen. Now you need to choose the screen area, which you want to capture. Once you done with the capturing of the screen the image will be opened in the Snipping Tool program for editing.

This tool provides you with four options for taking the screen shot. These options are free-form snip, rectangular snip, window snip and full-screen snip. You can do all that and more with IrfanView and other tools.

3. Optimizing The Screenshot

Optimizing the screenshot

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