How to Take off Acrylic Nails

Many women love the sexy and glamorous look of long acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are held fast to your natural nail bed with glue. When they start growing out or look thick with too much polish, it’s time to take them off. Are your acrylic nails past their use-by date? Are they broken, ragged around the tip or just looking less than their best? If they are, there’s not much you can do other than remove them. But you already spent hard-earned money having them applied; do you really have to spend more just to take them off? The answer is no. You just need to know how to take off acrylic nails and it is not that hard or tricky that you need to visit a parlor for the same. This simple guide will show you how to remove acrylic nails at home.Learn three methods for removing acrylic nails: soaking them in acetone, filing them down, or using a piece of dental floss.

Method #1


The first step in getting rid of those old acrylic nails is to remove all traces of nail polish. This will allow you to see what you’re dealing with and it will also make the nails easier to remove by taking away the protective coating nail varnish provides.

With a pair of nail clippers, cut the tips of your acrylic nails back until they are in level with your natural nails. Roughen the surface of your acrylic nails with a buffing stick. Rub petroleum jelly or hand cream into the skin around your nails. This will help protect your skin from the drying effects of the acetone.

Make sure you don’t rub any on to the nail itself,  as this will hinder the nail-removing process. Pour enough acetone into the glass bowl to entirely cover your nails. Place your fingertips in the acetone and soak for twenty minutes. The acetone will gradually loosen and dissolve your acrylic nails. After soaking, take your fingers out of the acetone and rub your nails with a cotton ball or wad of paper kitchen towel.

The acrylic, loosened by the acetone, should just rub away. If any acrylic remains, soak your nails for another five minutes and rub again. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to remove all traces of acetone and petroleum jelly. When dry, buff your nails, apply hand cream to your skin and a nail-nourishing cream to your freshly revealed natural nails.

Method #2


For this method you will need two people to do this. This method is quicker but has more chances of getting injured than the earlier method. The main benefit however is that it saves a lot of time and resources. If you suffer from weak or peeling nails this method is also not recommended for you. For such people the first method is always preferred.

In this technique you can remove the acrylic nails with dental floss. At the end of your nail use a metal nail file so that you can work up the edges of the acrylic nail a bit. Now you will have enough space for you to slip the dental floss underneath the acrylic nail. For this procedure you need a dental floss that is about 12 inches. Now wrap it around the index finger of the second person on each hand.

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