Sure-Fire Ways of Financially Surviving the Wedding Season

Come June, you are going to be lined with attending weddings. People who are really close to you are getting married and, you can’t seem to avoid any of them. The fixed expenses are already high! The addition of wedding expenses is giving you a heart attack at the moment. A wedding, in case the person is really close, does not involve just the wedding day cost. It involves the presents that need to be given on the other days too! In addition to gifts, you are to look after the travelling and staying costs as well. If the weddings are multiple and in different cities, the cost increases automatically! The question here is, how are you going to manage working this out and minimizing your costs.


1. Discount Shopping

It is always good to start preparing early, if you are aware of a certain wedding this season. While the shops are still raging discounts, shop for a gift for your near and dear one’s wedding. This way you would be able to save a lot of money and buy something decent. It’s obvious that you are tied up with work that you wish to put off the gift shopping for the last minute. But, that would only mean creating a nice big hole in your pocket. How about taking a little time off your schedule and finishing up with the shopping at a decent cost during the discount season? Smart way is to buy the things earlier than the schedule, to save up on the expenses.

2. Avail a Discount

In case you are caught unaware about the wedding this season, sale season shopping won’t work out for you. How about visiting one of the deal shops online and availing an excellent deal on the product you wish to gift? There are these amazing websites that sell off certain amazing products at dirt-cheap rates. You could research on some of these online deal shops and, get a gift for the wedding. Of course, you can always bargain a deal or bid for a product on other websites too. But, that would be trying your luck. Instead, research a bit; spend a little time to save that amazing amount of money that you would spend on the gift.

4. Splitting the Gifts

If you have a lot of friends attending the wedding, you could always share the money and buy a gift for the couple. Splitting is always a good idea when it comes to gifting. Sometimes you are really not sure what to gift and end up buying something that is least bit interesting. While splitting, you not only save the money that was to be invested in the gift but also get ideas to buy something really interesting and worth the keeps for the couple. In fact, splitting is a decent idea wherein you can gift the couple something you always desired to but, the money crunch won’t allow you to. With splitting, expensive gifts become affordable.

5. Personalize Your Gifts

When you are attending multiple functions, it becomes obvious that you have to arrange for multiple gifts as well. It is not very economical on your pockets especially when you are planning to attend multiple weddings this season. When you multiply the number of gifts for one wedding with the number of weddings, you would realize you are going to spend a huge amount of money just attending weddings. So now what? How are you going to reduce the burden of these gifts? Well, you could personalize a few gifts and give it to the couple. Personalized gifts are always good as a gift and they don’t break the bank either. It might turn out to be more economical than anything else. You could just create a collage of pictures of the bride and the groom or maybe a big photo frame of the two. This would be a priceless gift for them. You are actually gifting them their amazing moments. In case you have no pictures, you could gift them something wherein their names come together. This is another sort of personalized gift. You could always gift wines. They are always welcome. Gift a classic wine that comes in your budget and does not tax you much. Personalized gifts are a knockout for the pre-wedding ceremony gifts.

6. Save By Renting

Buying a dress specially to attend the wedding could be an expensive affair. You could reduce your expenses in this area. It is understandable that you do not have any dress that fits the occasion. So, instead of going out and spending money buying the dress, you could rent a dress. There are a lot of people who give out dresses for rent. Get one of those, it would work out to be cheaper. In fact, buying a dress of the sorts that you would never wear again does not really make sense. Rent that one, spend less and give it back once you are done with the functions.

7. Travel Economical

If you are planning to travel for multiple weddings this season, why not book your travel earlier in time. This way you can save a lot of money by availing tickets at an inexpensive rate. It is always good to research on all the available options before you choose. You could visit a lot of websites that sell the same tickets at various prices. Avail the best option to save your money this season.

8. Save on Accommodation

While attending a wedding, you tend to spend on the accommodation as well. How about visiting a travel websites to avail of an inexpensive hotel? You would find a lot of options there. You could even ask the couple to fix you up with someone to share the room. This way, you would save some money on room rent as well.

Follow these tips and go economical this wedding season. You might end up saving thousands by following some of these tips.

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