Submit A Site To Over 50 Search Engines In 3 Steps

submitSubmitting your site to website directories is an excellent way to get quality 1 way links pointing to your websites.

Even a top site like Google is visited by ~28.415% (percent) diam of global Internet users. Means that even Google is still unreachable to about ~71% (percent) adus

In January 2009, the Netcraft Web Server Survey found 185,497,213 distinct websites.hah And there are almost 3 times the number websites which are not yet explored.

The reason behind that is simple, because they have not submitted their site or a blog to a search engine or a directory. xpasti So as to get in reach of maximum number of persons exploring internet, website or a blog submission is the first and foremost requisite.

Most of us don’t know How to submit your site.

I will now tell you how to submit your blog or a site to over 50 search engines and directories which are among the top visited sites for searching, using a free online service in just 3 easy steps.sengihnampakgigi
preview of submit site

Lets get started:

01. Visit Free Web Submission. Scroll down a bit and you will see something like below:
submit a site 1

02. Now enter the credentials. Enter a valid Email ID and your Website URL:
submit a site 2

Once done, you will see something like this:
submit a site 2 1

03. Now open your Email and click on the verification mail. You will some hing like below. Click on Submit Your Site!:
submit a site 3

All done. sengihnampakgigi You have now successfully submitted your site to search engines. Your submission will start automatically:
successful submission

Note: Check your Mailid afterward to confirm the submissions.

Happy submitting. If you have any problem in submitting then please fell free to ask me. I would love to help you. senyum


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