Stay Awake and Focused While Working Late At Office

There is a deadline that you have to meet and, you think staying back and working late would help you achieve the deadline. The work might go on the whole night. You are aware of that and, you are fine with it. You manage to go on till say 10pm. Post that you are about to doze off. The files are still piled up, your deadline is staring out of the computer at you and your eyes are just not able to cope up. What would you do in these circumstances? Going home is definitely ruled out as that would get you into trouble. Finishing the work would take at least 4-5 more hours and you need to stay focussed for those hours. There are ways to maintain your focus and to stay wide awake till you finish your work.

stay awake late

1. The Caffeine Way

The best and most recommended way to make sure you stay awake throughout the night is caffeine. It is your best friend and soul mate when you have work scheduled for the night. The coffee should not contain any sugar. You can add a little cream to your coffee. Ideally, espresso without sugar is the best way to have caffeine. This ensures that you don’t doze away and leave your work pending. An espresso shot works throughout the night. So, do not try to consume more than a single shot of espresso. A high dosage has its own side effects. If you have just a shot or two, it will help you stay awake and is harmless to your system.

2. Beverages & More

In the recent times, a highly growing number of people have testified green tea as an equivalent of caffeine. It has the power to refresh you and is completely natural. In fact, higher consumption of green tea is good for your health as it acts against a lot of diseases and keeps you fit and fine. You could consume green tea to freshen up instead of normal tea or coffee. The only thing you should ideally avoid when staying up all night is sugar filled beverages. These beverages might help for a while but eventually will cause sleep. You could also have water, loads and loads of it, to ensure staying awake.

3. The Power Nap

Studies have suggested power naps instead of actual naps to stay more focussed. When you go to bed, you would not wake up till late. Instead of going home and sleeping and imagining that you will continue working after that, why not just take a 5-10 minute power nap at the office itself. This is a great therapy. You will wake up fresh and ready to do your work after that. A power nap is a must if you are to continue your work till late into the night.

4. The Outside World: A Big No No

When you are the only one to work in the night and the rest of the office is at home enjoying, you will feel sad and lost. You would actually be thinking about them and how they must be enjoying their night at home. Well, this is not a good thing to do. It might actually delay your entire work schedule and, your work will never get done within the deadline. Thinking of going home and looking at the remaining hours to get back home will also amount to loss of focus. You are staying back so that you can get your work done. So, ensure focus and complete strength to finish off the work.

5. A Must-Have Break

When you are completely tired and have lost interest in the work, take a break. A small break from work for 15-20 minutes would help rejuvenate your energy levels. You could make a few calls to friends you know would be staying awake. These calls would help you get your focus back. In fact you could surf the social networking websites and chat up with a few people. The other way to take a break from work is definitely the online shopping websites. You could visit a few of the online shopping websites and just check them out. You need not buy anything. A little bit of window shopping always helps get back the energy levels. Ensure small breaks of 5 minutes every 1 hour to maintain the flow of work.

6. A Short Walk

An exercise while you are still working! When you feel really tired and are losing interest in your work, get up from your seat and take a walk around. It’s relaxing! A bit of stretching and walking will help your muscles a lot. While working, you could just take 2 minutes off and stretch a bit. This always helps release the pressures built within the muscles and relaxes you slightly. When you work constantly without breaks, you tend to lose interest and start making mistakes. To avoid this from happening, you can actually take a few breaks to stretch and walk.

7. The Cool Temperature

Maintain a cool temperature within the office. You can switch on the fans on full or the get the AC temperatures to real nice levels so that your office is cool. When cool air blows across your face, you tend to stay awake. This cool temperature will get your focussed on your work and get you through the entire night. When it gets hot and stuffy, you lose all interest and wish to walk away from your desk. This is a proven and testified method of staying awake.

8. The Eyes & Face

It is good to splash cold water across your eyes and face. You could even try eye drops to prevent your eyes from itching. This is a good way to stay awake and focussed. It also ensures eye care in many ways.

Achieving the deadline depends on your determination to stay awake. These tips will help you stay up and focussed. Just remember, your determination also plays a very pivotal part.  

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