Special Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

If you have been in a long term relationship with your boyfriend then oftentimes, you might have run out of ideas on extraordinary things to do for your boyfriend to keep him happy. After all, you have known each other for quite a long time now and want to strengthen the bonding by taking the relationship to the next level. However, you just cannot seem to come up with inventive ways to keep him happy and contended.

Right from the time you started seeing each other, you have been to the movies endless times. You’ve been to almost all the local hotspots during your weekends. You’ve forgotten count of the number of times you’ve had candlelight dinners at some of the most high profile restaurants. You’ve also rustled up his favourite dishes occasionally. Every time you attempt to think of new strategies or techniques to bring a smile to his lips or make him laugh, you seem to hit a roadblock.

You are very much aware of the fact that if you want the relationship to last a lifetime, you’d have to conceive of inventive ways to make each other cheerful. That you always want to see your boyfriend in high spirits amply proves that you sincerely care about the relationship. However, you should always remember that love and affection in an affair is always reciprocal. There’s no reason why you should go out of the way to cheer up your boyfriend unless he reciprocates your gestures. Nevertheless, if you want to enlighten yourself with the Special Things to Do for Your Boyfriend then you should check out the following ideas.

Special Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

1. Give Him a Massage.

You’re in the habit of watching TV jointly in your spare time. Have you ever thought of giving him a massage while he’s intently watching his favourite game show? In case the idea never struck you, then here is a nice little way of recharging his batteries. Just tell your boyfriend to sprawl out on the floor in front of the TV and massage his body all over. Use herbal massage oil for a really soothing massage.

2. Take a Stroll in the Park or on the Beach.

Although this might sound a little outdated, it still remains one of the best means of spicing up your relationship. These days, we are so caught up with leading an urbanised lifestyle that whenever we think of relaxation or entertainment, we either go to the nightclub or head to the cinemas. We seem to underestimate the need to connect with Mother Nature.

Cities and towns are getting more and more polluted with every passing day.     Therefore you should head out of the city more often for a refreshing break. There are many verdant spots and nature parks in the periphery of the town or city you stay in. You can encourage your boyfriend to join you for a stroll in the park or both of you can team up for taking a long walk on the beachfront. These diversions would not only help fill up both of your lungs with much needed fresh oxygen but would also go a long way in cementing your relationship.

3. Spend Time With His Buddies.

He’ll simply love the idea of your warming up to some of his closest friends. Since the time he’s been in a relationship with you, he has drifted away from his mates. He hardly seems to get the time to hang out with his friends these days. But nobody knows better than you that he indeed misses socializing with his mates. He’ll be in for a pleasant surprise when he finds you engaging with his intimate friends especially with the ones you don’t seem to like. Cook a sumptuous lunch or dinner for all of them on a Sunday and just see how your boyfriend pesters you for rustling up such meals frequently.

4. Redo the Things That Got Him Hooked.

There’s no way you can forget that it was your hairstyle and perfect hourglass figure that got him hooked onto you. You vividly remember those days when he kept tailing you wherever you went and kept pleading you for a date. There was no way he was going to give up until and unless you gave your consent. Why not relive and revive those moments?

Dress up exactly in the way you did when you first saw each other. Also affect the same hairstyle you sported on that opportune day. You won’t be able to imagine how delightful you’ll feel when he sees in that attire and hairdo. Both of you’ll get nostalgic.

5. Find Ways of Motivating Him When He’s feels Low.

Life as a man can be tough. As a woman, you’ll have a deeper and subtler perspective of how difficult it can be for a man to go on from one day to the next. Women are able to express their emotions and feelings by expressing the same very clearly. They can give vent to their hurt feelings by weeping or crying. But men tend to be more reserved in such matters.

They think it’s unmanly and unbecoming of them to sob or moan like a woman does. Give your full-fledged support when he has a bad day at the office or feels down and out for any reason. This attitude of yours will sufficiently prove that you care about his feelings. You’ll have to keep him motivated by reminding him often about his ambitions and about his dreams.

6. Don’t Let Him Feel Anxious or Insecure.

Men simply don’t like to feel insecure but have their own ways of expressing it. Don’t expect your man to be very forthcoming or straightforward in expressing his feelings in case he is suffering from anxiety or feels insecure. He’ll behave in a peculiar fashion with you or may simply avoid you or steer clear of you. During such circumstances, just let him be and don’t nag him about his insecurity.

7. Give Embrace Tightly Once in a While.

It has always been your boyfriend who has taken the initiative to cheer you up either by taking you in his arms or giving you a tight hug. So, why not pleasantly surprise him by rushing to him and embracing him tightly once in a while? He’ll more than welcome the gesture.

8. Convince Him that He Always Comes First With You.

It’s quite natural that other guys will stare at you and try to seek your attention. However, you should ignore other men when your boyfriend is around with you. Just convince him and make him feel that he’s the most important man in your life and that you don’t care about anybody else.

9. Take His Help More Often.

By asking him to lend you a helping hand while you’re in the kitchen or shopping for grocery, you’ll make him feel that confident about himself. He’ll appreciate the fact that he can be counted upon to help you out.

10. Be a Little Outrageous Sometimes.

You know that he likes ogling at beautiful actresses and models in skimpy outfits just like other men. However, you cannot tolerate your man gaping at other women. You can more often dress up a little boldly and ensure him that you too have the flexibility to flaunt your chiselled physique. Change into sexy lingerie more often when you retire to bed.

11. Pay Compliments to Him.

Everybody likes compliments. Find an occasion to flatter your boyfriend frequently by paying him a compliment.

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