Spa Party Ideas for Women

It’s very natural that at times you simply want to be at home and rejuvenate yourself. You wish to party at home with friends instead of walking the streets of the town. A brilliant idea! You just need to find out what sort of party you wish to have and, call on your friends. With spa raging around this season, how about carrying on with a spa party! You could actually get to enjoy the refreshing spa with your friends. It’s just the perfect idea of rejuvenation. Instead of gossiping and chatting about the world, you could actually enjoy a refreshing moment in company of your friends. The idea is good; all you need to do is execute it! There are a lot of interesting ways to set up a spa party for women.


1. The Invites

This may sound very old fashioned and boring. But remember, nothing sparks your life up the way an invite does. Go ahead and send your friends an invite for the upcoming spa party. Do not go in for an e-invite. You would probably spoil all the fun in the process. Create a handmade invite that sparkles out the fun on the event. You can mention words like “pamper”, “relax” and “rejuvenate” while drafting your invite. You can add pictures of bathing in the sun and a glass of sherry that will make them look forward to the party. Do you remember your days as a kid, when you used to arrange several such parties for your girlfriends’? Today is your time to relive those moments of childhood and arrange one such party for your grown-up friends.

2. Nothing like Good Food


The party could be based on any theme but it stays incomplete without some good food. You need to stock up some real variety of stuff for this party. The essence of a spa party increases when you get things to drink that can help relax you while getting the spa done. A glass of sherry, wine or fruit punch would be the ideal drink for a spa session. You could even use some Mojitos or green tea as a drink for your spa. Nothing matches up a refreshing green tea. It really makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Ensure you have got a good enough stock of these drinks. You could add up some snacks which include sandwiches and the petit flours for the spa party food. A nice cake baked by you with the icing of a spa mask would just add up to the spa mood. You can always order a customized cake from outside.

3. Get Your House Spa Ready

If there is a party round the corner, you need to get the place decorated in style to match up to the party, right? You could give your home the real spa look. Arrange beauty stations in the room. Equip every beauty station with the spa tools. You can arrange some nice chairs that would make up for the eye make- up stations. You could make a food counter in the other end where your friends can walk up to pick up the food. There could be a station for manicure and pedicure. This station can have a sign where there is a footstep with painted toes. Unleash your creativity while creating the signs for the various stations. You could get something like a bubble blower. This showers the essence of a spa, the bubbles. You can get the bubbles blown on all your guests and, make them enjoy the spa atmosphere. The best is the get the lights of the room shadowed using a dark curtain. You can then create a nice atmosphere using the aroma candles and nice smelling perfumes. You can have a nice basking lounge in the corner with a lot of pillows where you and your friends can relax with a drink. Now your house is absolutely ready for spa.

4. Get the Spa Supplies

A spa is incomplete without the spa equipment. You would need the supplies to get a manicure or pedicure done. The entire set excludes the nail paints. You can purchase some of your choice at a nearby store. You would need nice robes, a bit inexpensive, for your friends to get relaxed. A towel set is also needed for the spa culture. You can always save yourself from this expenditure. Ask your friends to carry their robes and towel set. They won’t be offended. There are various kinds of facial masks. You could purchase one kind for your upcoming spa party. The brown sugar facial is the flavour of the season. You could try picking up one of this and, get your party ready for an awesome facial. A spa is incomplete without proper lotions and gels. You need to make sure that the right kinds are available at your party. You may have to spend a few hours picking up the various materials. You don’t have to purchase the spa equipment though

5. Hiring a Masseuse

Hiring a Masseuse

You would need to hire a masseuse to get the proper spa done for you and your friends. They may bring in the equipment for the spa. You will still need to purchase the spa materials. You would need one masseuse handling two people. Make sure you have separate masseuse for facial, manicure and pedicure as well as the massage. This would allow you to keep all your guests entertained. Till their time comes, your friends can relax on the lounge with a drink and nice soft music.

6. The Dress Code

You can ask your friends to step into your party wearing casuals with a flip flop. This throws the essence of a very relaxing moment. Some nice evening frock with a matching casual slipper could also make up for the event. Whatever you suggest, the dress code should be casuals.

Nothing feels like a nice spa party at home with a set of friends. You can have loads of fun, keep talking and get relaxed completely. The complete rejuvenation moment!

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