Effective Skin Care Tips for Black Women

Proper body and skin care is very important for women of different skin tone and color. While it is true that darker skin is less prone to wrinkling because of natural oils and ultra violet shielding melanin, there is no denying that a good beauty routine also goes a long way in helping you look fresh and youthful even at an older age. Most of the beauty products are made while keeping the women with light skin in mind. You do not often see advertisements of any cream or lotion for black women. It doesn’t mean that there is no beauty tip suggested to such women. If you do a little intensive research you can find many skin care tips for black women that are tailor-made for them. Though, they can’t get their skin fairer, it is possible for them to have a healthy and glowing face. They can consult their skin experts and can make use of beauty products accordingly. Often, women with darker skin have inferior complex about their color. They feel low esteemed, especially when around fair girls. Well, it is not at all a matter of feeling shy and under-estimated, as it is believed that black women are sexier than the white women. Here are some beauty tips for dark skins that can make them comparatively more glamorous than those with light skin. These are:

1. Consult your Skin Expert

If you want more advanced skin care, there are professional treatments, both low- and high-tech, that might be very helpful. If you are thinking about a prescription for your face, ask your expert for a proper treatment. He will let you know the type and tone of your skin, and will also suggest you some effective beauty tips.

Consult your Skin Expert

2. Proper Cleansing

Great skin begins with a great cleanser. Choose a gentle cleanser that tenderly removes the dirt of the skin, makeup and environmental pollutants without dehydrating or irritating. Make sure that the cleanser you have chosen doesn’t contain drying soap. It can make your skin dry. Never use hot water while using cleansing on your face, as it makes skin dry.

Proper Cleansing

3. Choose Suitable Product

Choose only those beauty products that have been suggested by your skin expert. If you apply any product that is opposite to the requirements of your skin, it can be very harmful. For example, many moisturizer contain oils that make skin greasy and, as a result, can cause breakouts. So, choose a moisturizer that works for your skin. Oil free moisturizer are great for all seasons.  Be sure to read product labels to ensure your pick doesn’t contain any hidden oil or drying soap. Do not use any product that is suggested to you by someone. Go through the ingredients of that particular product and make sure that it is made for your skin type.

 Choose Suitable Product

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