Signs You Need A New Career

You may have had your share of Monday morning blues like most other people. There might have been numerous occasions when you felt like staying holed up in your bed the entire day rather than pull yourself out and get ready for office. There’s hardly any working individual who never had to confront moments or occasions when he or she didn’t feel like going to office and really hated his or her job.

We’re all living in uncertain times where the state of the economy is certainly not in the pink of health and jobs are hard to come by, let alone lucrative ones. So feeling insecure and depressed about your job is perfectly normal. Furthermore, since each and every job has its highs and lows, you’ll sometimes find the going smooth and sometimes quite tough.

However, if you’ve been spending sleepless nights lately, wondering as to how you’ll spend another day at the office, it’s a telltale sign that your heart is not in the job. After pushing the envelope in your workstation for five consecutive days, you avidly look forward to relaxing during the weekend and recharging your batteries for the upcoming week. You know you need to change your career when you find yourself concentrating more on your next week in office rather than getting lost in thoughts about a leisure filled weekend.

You’ll instinctively know that you’re not satisfied with your work, when you seriously think about leaving your present occupation and start looking for a new career. You’re acutely aware that your job, like any other job, has its ups and downs. You also have the resilience and the equanimity take the rough with the smooth. However, if the thought of going to office fills you with dread and makes you repugnant, it’s high time you started mulling about a job or career change. Following are some signs that you need a career change and that you need to start thinking about a career shift or job switch.

Signs you need a new career

1. You Feel Miserable

If the very thought of reporting to office makes you swear at yourself, your co-workers, and of course your boss, you realize that it’s time you moved on. Even people with the cushiest of jobs feel miserable from time to time and there might be infinite reasons for feeling low. However, if you always feel drained out and exhausted because of your job, you’d be slow poisoning yourself if you carry on in your present position.

It is your work or occupation that gives meaning to your life and offers you the enthusiasm to go on from one day to the other. Nonetheless, if your job makes you feel like killing yourself, you should roll up your sleeves and start submitting applications for a new career.

2. Arriving Late At Work

When you took up your present job a few years back, you used to be very punctual and ‘procrastination’ was a word to which you were completely alien. In fact, you even remember encouraging your colleagues or co-workers to be present in office in time whenever they arrived late. However nowadays, it is you who’s almost always the last person to sign on the attendance register.

These days after getting up in the morning, you take your own time in getting ready for office. You make it a point to work during shifts when the minimum number of employees are present in office. Or, you go out of the way to take up outdoor assignments so that you can stay out of office as long as possible.

This sort of approach or attitude towards your work is a clear and palpable sign that you have lost faith in your employer. It also establishes beyond doubt that the working environment has become hostile and non-productive for you. If you start thinking about the excuses you’ll make to keep out of your workplace first thing in the morning, it’s about time that you started looking for a fresh job or career.

3. The Very Thought of Going To Office Fills You With Dread

It’s quite normal on your part to be absent or take leave from office infrequently. Most of us, if we had the option, would not have left for work on a daily basis. But if the thought of going to work the moment you open your eyes early in the morning, makes you edgy and fills you with dread, you know that you’re somehow trudging along. Feeling exhausted after a hard day’s work is perfectly fine but feeling stressed out just when you have started your day in office is certainly not.

4. You’re Stuck In The Same Position For Years

It’s perfectly human to strive for personal growth and advancement in your job or career. Every aspiring young man or woman who wants to attain the zenith in his or her professional area would expect a promotion (with a raise of course) in his or her job position after a while. However, if you’re stuck in the same position that you started out with in your establishment some years back, you should consider moving to a new position in a new company. Even after working real hard and giving your best, you’re still stuck in the same position, you should realise that it’s time for you to move on.

5. Taking Sick or Vacation Leaves More Often

Almost all working individuals take time off to leave for a vacation or holiday trip with their families. You need to take a break from work at least two times in a year and unwind without reservations so that you can get back to work with renewed zeal and vigour. However, if you find yourself reporting sick too often as you feel fatigued and stressed out, it’s a warning sign that you’re losing interest in your job.

6. You Strongly Feel That You’re Wasting Time

Time is without an iota of doubt the most priceless of all commodities on earth. Time in fact, is more valuable than money simply because unlike money, time that is lost or wasted can never be retrieved or recovered. We spend the better part of our day working to earn our livelihoods.

But when we find ourselves working just for the sake of earning a livelihood, we know that we’re wasting our time working in a position that we could not accept mentally. If you’re not satisfied with what you’re doing and going to office feels like a drag, then it’s clear as daylight that the job is not suitable for you.

7. What You Do Is Not Consonant With Your Values or Ethics

You certainly do not work to live but rather live to work. You don’t work just for the sake of working or to get a paycheck from one month to the next. You work as a financial analyst or as a computer programmer because you have conscientiously chosen to work in that position.

You get a sense of fulfillment when you feel satisfied with your work. You’re able to carry out the responsibilities associated with your job in an effective manner because the job profile is in sync with your work ethics or morals. If you find yourself working in an organization whose ways of working do not match with your principles or values that you hold dear, then you should not waste time and start finding a job that suits your morals.

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