Signs that Show the Guy is not Interested in You

You are fatally attracted to this guy you have met recently. He was a real charmer and you fell for his charms hands down. Well, it really is not that surprising! Given that most guys know what exactly a girl would fall for in the first meeting. They would have read their girl guide perfectly and be prepared for the unexpected. Now, this attraction is making you crazy and you really don’t know how to figure out if the guy is also interested in you. Most guys give out signs of whether or not they are interested in the girl. These signs can be subtle or blunt, totally depending on the guy. Look out for these signs that would give you a hint. They are not interested in you as such yet, they won’t leave a chance to befriend you. Don’t fall for these charms till you don’t uncover what is beneath the veil.

not interested guy

1. The Disconnected Communication

If the guy you are so attracted towards does not return a promised call, it is possible that he really does not seem to think of you as important to his life. A person who really considers you important or is interested in you would at least put in some efforts to return a call. It takes real minimal effort to dial a number. If he really does not go through that for you, reconsider wading through these waters.

2. No Involvement in his Life

You are just another person in his life, if he does not bother sharing the important aspects of his life with you. If he wishes to keep his friendship with you a secret from his family and friends, don’t bother investing your time in him. He really is not into you and you would just hurt yourself thinking about him all day. His life is separate from yours. His dreams and aspirations don’t include you.

3. The Disrespectful Behaviour

If his attitude towards you is rude and disrespectful, it really is not worth being friends with such a guy. A guy who throws his attitude on you, makes fun of you in public and humiliates you is not really worth being friends with. It’s understandable that you are attracted to this guy but, such attitude shows that he is not interested in you.

4. The Low Attention Span

A guy truly interested in a girl would invest a lot of time and energy behind the girl. If this guy you seem to like, avoids you or does not really concede your presence, you are in for a tough time. This guy does not like you. It might sound harsh but, it is better to unwind out of this attraction at the beginning stage itself.

5. The Good Friend Logic

You are a good friend to him, one with whom he can confide the best of things. You are not his partner and you don’t fall in that category for him. If this is the kind of guy you have started liking then it is better to step back right now. For most of the people around you, you two are good friends. So, there is nothing to hope from this relationship anymore.

6. The Open Relationship

Are you in some sort of an open relationship where he has granted you the permission to date other guys. Is he the sorts who keeps dating and flirting with other girls’ in spite of you being a part of him. Well then, your situation is no worse than a single’s situation. This guy is just not into you. Instead of lowering your self-esteem and staying with him, you should move back and start afresh.

7. The Group Bonding

The guy you like grows uncomfortable when he is with you alone; in fact he does not wish to be with you alone. This guy would rather meet you with a group of friends. Sorry girls, but he is not looking at you with a relationship or dating ideas in mind. You are definitely not the special someone he would wish to spend time with. If there were any doubts of there being a possibility of a relationship, let it die now.

8. Not the Meeting Type

Does he avoid meeting you or makes some excuse so that the meeting for the day would be cancelled? Does he always act as if he is not available and his schedule is extremely busy? Well this is some guy who is not into you and this is one sign that you should watch out for.

9. The Sisterly Act

“You are like a sister to me”. If ever this guy makes this statement, wish for the earth to open wide and swallow you. The reason being that all possible doors for this relationship have closed for you with this dialogue! You can stay assured, this guy is not even one per cent interested in you.

10. You are the Planner

If you are the one forever planning the various trips and picnics that you two take, its time to sit and wonder why. A guy who feels something special for a girl would definitely participate in the planning. In fac,t he would go ahead and plan. So, why is this guy not doing it for you? Maybe he is just not into you.

11. A Stranger You Are!

He does not know the real you. In fact he is not even interested in knowing you. You really don’t impress or interest him much. This guy is definitely not into you.

12. Friends Night Outs

Night out with friends over night-outs with a girl happens only when the guy is really not interested in the girl. The exceptions for this could be a routine family/friends outing or a long planned vacation. But if it happens on a regular evening, it is a matter of concern.

Remember if one or two of these above mentions signs appear, they don’t mean that your guy is not interested in you. But a definite flow of pattern is a matter of concern.

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