Signs That He Still Cares About You

Love is that one emotion that gets expressed in several ways. For most girls, it is expressed commonly by uttering those three words “I love you”. But unlike you, guys are a little inexpressive when it comes to emotions. They would feel the world about you but, can never express the same in those beautifully woven words. You would keep expecting romantic phrases and, be able to get none. Instead of feeling let down and, also that your guy does not love you anymore, try looking out for those signs that say he cares. Yes, to read a guy’s emotions, you need to understand it through the signs he manages to convey. You may find it weird and difficult to understand these signs but, once you read them you would know how much your guy loves you. They are not open and, most of them are taken for granted. Yet, they make you realize how true his love for you is.

Signs that he still cares about you

Listens Carefully

A guy who truly cares for you would listen to every sound that you utter. If you ask him, he would be able to repeat every single word of the conversation. No word uttered by you is trivial for him. He feels listening to you is of utmost importance. He is a person who may not tell you how important you are but, he takes you very seriously at every point.

Your Needs are Attended to

You know a guy truly loves you when your unspoken needs are attended to. He does not allow you to say what you need or, demand the same. Before you can utter even a single word your needs are met. Not that he treats you like a princess or something. But, he knows how to keep you happy and understands your needs. Such guys find it difficult to commit their expressions. Most often their way of caring is seen in the way they look after you. If you have such a guy in your life that takes care of your needs even before you speak of them, you should realize that you have a true gem of a person to attend to you.

Protects You Unconditionally

He will not say he is possessive or insecure. He is not. He is plain protective. You can talk to millions of guys around you or, even have their numbers registered in your phone. But, when he is around he will make sure you are not away from his eyes. He will make sure he stands next to you when you are talking to your male friends. He might even wrap an arm around you or, hold your hand to show his protective nature. He cares and so he does this. If you feel this protective arm around you, you know the sun of love is actually shining silently on you.

Ensures Your Safety

In a distance relation this marks the attitude of care that a guy feels towards you. Your guy may be well aware that you are just on a routine trip somewhere. Yet, he would make sure you have reached your destination or, returned home. He would constantly ensure your safety when with friends or out partying. He would call to know if you are fine or in need of something. Sometimes, he might even stay up till late night so that he knows you are tucked in your bed peacefully before he retires. These are all signs of care that a guy feels towards you. A silent gesture that he loves you beyond words and emotions!

We Instead of I

Whenever he talks, there is always a “We” in his sentences. He does not consider himself without you. All his statements and talks are related to the “we” that you share. Yes, he believes that you are one. This one sign is enough to realize that your guy truly loves you. When he sees you in the future, when your togetherness matters the most to him, you should realize the amount of love and respect he feels for you. This may seem normal to him. He does not consider it out of the blue because for him love means togetherness. This is special and, this is an excellent way of expressing how much you mean to him.

His Day Ends with You

When you become the last person he talks to before going to sleep and, your thoughts are the final ones that make him sleep, realize that your guy cares for you truly. He is in love with you to the extent that nothing moves on without you for him. If you are his first and last thought of the day, you are the lucky kinds. Your guy is totally head over heels in love with you. He may not express but catch on this sign to make your life sweet and beautiful.

Does not stay angry for long

Your guy may get mad at you for some time but, he cannot stay mad at you for long. Within a few minutes he gets back to normal and, wishes to be with you again. He would always come upfront to say a sorry if he is at fault. He cannot see you crying and, would immediately melt away seeing you cry. These are all signs that show how much he cares for you. If you cannot see these signs, you ought to be blind. Catch hold of them and, realize how special you are to your guy.

Stands up for You

This is the ultimate test of care that a guy needs to succeed in. If a guy stands up for you against millions of people and tasks, he surely cares for you a lot. It takes courage to stand up for a person in spite of whatever they may have done. This shows how much he considers you and, how far he can go for you.

If you find a guy with these qualities dominating him, don’t think twice.

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