The 6 Signs of Disorganized Staff

For the growth and progress of an organization, a proper system should be in place. Mostly, when the organization displays an unsystematic or disorganized behaviour, it hampers the growth. Would you like it if your employee does not report the problems to you? Or, would you be fine if the employee finishes the work after the deadline is over? This won’t be accepted by you or the organization, right? Well, to ensure that your work or organization does not suffer due to your employee’s laid back behaviour, try to look out for such signs at an early stage. You should make sure that your employees do not exhibit disorganized behaviour so as to maintain a certain productivity level in your organization. As the manager, you should be alert and, make sure you have your eyes open for any discrepancy.


1. The “Need-Approval” Kind

This kind is dangerous for any organization. This kind of employee cannot think of their own. They need your suggestion before they commit to a particular task. This can be very tedious on you. You would be immersed in their work as well as your work. This way your work would suffer and, you would find that the productivity of both your employee as well as you would be less. At the end of the day, this would hamper the progress of your company. This is something that you should look out for and, not entertain at all. If you feel that someone is coming back to you constantly, you should not help them all the while, especially if you think the task most certainly does not need your attention. Yes, you should not ignore your presence in the major tasks. Try to train the employees, right at the beginning, regarding the difference between major and minor tasks.

2. Breaks, Too Often!

Breaks are essential when you are working. Every employer understands that and tries to ensure that the employee is given his due. But, the problem occurs when the employee starts taking long breaks that too often. It is a difficult situation! You would find your employees loitering near the washrooms or near the water coolers and chatting with each other. They may even drag themselves out of the office for a cup of coffee. They may plan an hour’s break but, extend it without consulting. In fact, the work for the day never tends to get over with their breaks. This is another sign that you should look out for. In such cases you would find the work on desk keeps on increasing and, the level of productivity going low.

3. The Deadlines Not Met


Are you seeing a lag in the work-time? Do you see that you get client’s call saying that your work is not being delivered on time? Are you seeing more and more clients getting out of your hand? Well, it is time to keep an eye on your employees then? Probably your employees are missing out the work or, they are not disciplined enough to remember the pending work. You may even see find that your employees are burdened with too much of work. Probably one employee is handling all the work and the others are relaxing. In such cases you would need to allocate work properly so that all employees get enough work and none of the deadlines are missed. When proper allocation occurs, you would see that people work more productively.

4. Re-Delegation

There are those kinds who just don’t wish to work! You would find just too many of them in your organization as well. These people believe in re-delegating their work back to you. They would find excuses not to work on that project. They would either dump that work entirely on you or at least a portion of that work would come back to you. Even the portion that comes on to you would be more than the whole work done by that person alone. So, be aware and wary of such employees. They are out there to enjoy and, burden your shoulders with their work. You would find that in such cases your work suffers and the overall productivity of the organization will lower.

5. The Substandard Work

Many employees would hand in substandard levels of work just to finish it off. You would see that this work would get you and your company into trouble. There may be cases when you won’t check the work and send it in to the client. There are chances that this substandard work does not meet the requirements of the client or, is not up to the mark. This may ruin your reputation in the field of concern and, take away all your clients. You may feel that there is more client attrition. There are two ways out in this case. You either keep checking for the work all the while or, you ensure that proper training is given to the employee and he in turn works properly.

6. Check On Your Workload

Are you feeling stressed out? Do you feel that there is an increase in the workload on your shoulders? Is the work assigned to you suffering? Is the top management not happy with you? Are they receiving more complaints? Well, it may be possible that you are shouldering more responsibility than you should. The time has come to check on what you actually do on a daily basis. Are you looking into your employees’ work more than yours? Are you finishing their work instead of your own? This may be hindering your work. Your workload in turn would increase and, finally you would feel that you are not productive at all. The time has come to let your employees finish their work. You should stop helping them in this. You should try to finish your work. Delegation of work is necessary.

It is very important that you keep your eyes on your staff. A responsible staff would help in the growth of the company. Look out for symptoms of dis-organization.

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