Should I Have Breakfast Before or After Working Out

Fitness matters a lot to people these days. The mushrooming gyms and health centers are a testimony to the fact that the ‘eat and be merry ’Indians no longer live by that philosophy. Figure figures a lot in their lifestyle and they are quite concerned about looking fit and fine. We know a lot of you are into exercise and gyms and most of you cannot do without your daily dose. We also know that for most of you the exercise regimen is filled with doubts and the most pestering of all doubts is should I have breakfast before or after working out? You are really confused because both the options have got their own merits and demerits. So, the best way to get rid of this doubt is to check out all the aspects. This will give you a good idea as to what is suitable for you.

Should I have breakfast before or after working out

Pros (Breakfast after working out)

  1. It leaves you with ample time to have your exercise and it doesn’t get delayed for the sake of breakfast.
  2. Your body is in a better position to absorb the nutrients and thus, whatever you eat really goes into building the muscles and strengthening the bones.
  3. Your body is supple and more flexible when you work out on an empty stomach and take your breakfast after working out.

Cons (Breakfast after working out)

  1. You can feel dull and devoid of energy if you take your breakfast after working out.
  2. Having small portions or eating something light is not a bad idea as it helps you work out in a better manner.
  3. Many people cannot bear the strain and pressure that the workout puts on their body and therefore, it is better to eat something before exercising.

Pros (Breakfast before working out)

  1. A light breakfast gives you with all the required energy that is needed for shedding the extra kilos.
  2. After a workout, a person is pretty drained and wants to eat more and more. So, if you eat before, you will not eat more and extra which is exactly what you want for a slim trim figure.
  3. Eating breakfast before is healthy because it keeps you energized all through the exercise regimen and provides your body with sufficient fuel. This way you can also increase the hours and intensity of your workouts.

Cons (Breakfast before working out)

  1. Many people feel lethargic after breakfast and if you are a foodie it is very likely that you will feed yourself to your heart’s content which means less will power and desire for workouts.
  2. You can also experience stomach pain and vomiting if you eat a hearty breakfast and start running on the treadmill soon after.
  3. In some cases where people work out after having their breakfast, it has been seen that there is no effect of exercise at all on their body. Do you know why? This is because the intake of calories was equal or more than what they burnt with exercise.

In the final analysis, it can be said that exercises are all about burning calories and fat. As far as the question of eating breakfast before or after working out is concerned, you must select that option that suits your body. If you feel that you are not benefiting from exercises after having breakfast, start exercising before breakfasts and vice versa. As simple as that.

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