Sample Customer Service Cover Letters

A covering letter is without doubt the most important piece of text or document in your application package irrespective of the sort of position you’re applying for.  So, when you’re submitting an application for retail or customer service position, your cover letter is going to be the first certificate or manuscript that your prospective employer will go through. So, it does not need to be emphasized that you should take your time in penning down a covering letter that clearly exemplifies your customer service skills.

Among other things, the letter should lucidly illustrate in a nutshell your past experience of dealing with customers in the positions that you’ve had held. Do not forget to highlight your achievements for the period you worked as a customer service executive or manager or any other analogous position. The paramount objective of writing a covering letter is to convince your prospective or future employer that you’re a suitable candidate for the position advertised. So, you obviously wouldn’t want to make an unfavourable impression or put yourself in a bad light by sending across a letter that has been written carelessly or shoddily.

Sample Customer Service Cover Letters

Defining a Cover Letter

A covering letter is just a plain and simple communiqué that goes as an enclosure in the envelope containing your resume or CV and other documents when you’re applying for a vacant position. Your covering letter is like your trump card that helps in drawing the attention of the reader (the employer or the HRD manager). Since there might be many applicants for the job position, your CV will be passed over if your covering letter fails to noticeably impress your potential employer.

The purpose of writing a covering letter will be well served if it can comprehensively convey the wealth of information contained in your CV. If your cover letter is creative enough, it’ll make such an imprint on the reader that he or she will be literally compelled to call you for an interview. Getting an interview call is evidence of the fact that the employer is eager to know about you in a better manner. In short, a cover letter is intended to take on a more personal touch in introducing yourself and offers you the opportunity to state or articulate aspects that can’t be included in a CV.

What Goes Into a Cover Letter?

A cover letter besides distinguishing you from other candidates by revealing your writing skills also helps your prospective employer to:-

  1. To gain access to information that may not be there in your CV.
  2. Understand why you’re a deserving candidate for the position advertised.
  3. To be convinced about your eagerness and passion for the job.
  4. Know when you’d be available for an interview.
  5. Have a fair idea about your USP.
  6. Comprehend your strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Get an idea about your knowledge about the company and its products or services.
  8. To know whether you’re ready to join as early as possible.

In the following lines, two Sample Customer Service Cover Letters have been enumerated.

Sample Customer Service Cover Letter No. 1

Michelle Richards

Admin & HR Manager

Spencer Supermarkets

1, Grant Street

Phoenix, Arizona-0326954

Dear Ms. Michelle,

This letter is in response to your advertisement in the classified sections of ‘The Washington Post’ on 23rd May for the position of ‘customer services and support supervisor’. Through this letter, I want to humbly state that I am a deserving applicant for the position in which a vacancy exists. If an ability to take direction well and to carry out orders faithfully is important to you, then I’m the most fitting candidate for the advertised position.

As my CV amply demonstrates, I have garnered extensive experience to apply for the required position by serving in the customer services department of Bloomingdale, Sainsbury and Wal-Mart. I have acquired numerous PR skills and honed them to perfection by attending to a wide cross-section of customers since the time I started working as a customer services executive. The recommendation letters and the experience certificates from my former employers will vouch for my abilities in delivering amicable customer services and my troubleshooting skills. There have been many instances where I had dealt effectively with an aggrieved customer and settled the issue.

I’d also like to state that I am an appropriate candidate for the job because my skills perfectly synchronize with the job profile. I have also managed to acquire the right academic and professional skills that has helped me to adapt and settle down comfortably in the all the previous job positions that I’ve held. My experience and my education have been instrumental in helping me to learn and carry out all activities associated with the customer service jobs that I have had in the past.

Over the years, I have managed to pick up relevant computer and Internet skills that has made me quite tech savvy. I’m sure once you go through my covering letter, you’ll have the urge and inclination to go through my resume where you’ll get complete details about my working experience and my academic qualifications. After going through my CV if you strongly feel that your interests matches my inclinations, then drop me a mail or call me up at  my cellphone number.—–.

I would consider myself a worthy candidate if I got the opportunity to at least appear for an interview. I’ll be available from 10.30 a.m. till 5 p.m. for the next seven days. I’m enthusiastically looking forward to seeing you in person soon.


Sincerely Yours,


Jonathan Davies


Sample Customer Service Letter No.2

Christine Lloyd

HRD Manager

OddJobs Private Ltd.

I, Plymouth Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio-57329

Dear Ms. Christine,

I was really thrilled to see the advert yesterday about the vacancy for the post of customer service executive in the website of your company,  I have got the right qualifications and the experience for the said position and therefore I would like to apply for the same.

I confidently feel that I’ll be able to handle all the responsibilities that come with the job position and develop long term working relationships with my office colleagues’ at all hierarchical levels. In this context, I’d like to state that my current employer is highly pleased with my working efficiency and rate. He’s willing to vouchsafe the same for my sake although he’d not take kindly to the fact that I’m applying for a new position in another organization.

I can guarantee you that I would be able to perform with the same rate of efficiency and competence that I am doing in my present position as a customer support executive. I was tempted to apply for the above vacancy in your organization because I felt that I would be exposed to a much more challenging working atmosphere. Furthermore, I also increasingly felt that I would be able to pick up new skills and boost my career prospects if I got an opportunity to serve in your establishment that has a nationwide base.

As my resume reveals, I’m academically and professionally eligible to apply for the specific post. Moreover, I’ve got the computer proficiency and Internet researching skills required for the job. I have a sound knowledge about MS-Office, spreadsheets, MS-Tally, MS-Excel, and the like. Besides these, my track period sufficiently proves that I’ve the capacity to develop, formulate, and implement strategies. These strategies always have contributed towards the overall growth and development of the entity.

I am highly confident that you’ll go through my resume after reading my covering letter. After a careful perusal of my CV, you’ll surely gain a better insight of my skills vis-a-vis the advertised job position and about my proficiency in handling the same. I’m expectantly waiting for a call or a mail from your end that’d give me an opportunity to discuss in detail about the scope and prospects regarding this position.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Yours sincerely,

Maurice Disney

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