Romantic Things to do for Your Girlfriend to Make her go Gaga

We all know that girls are adorable and lovely. Men should always know romantic things to do for your girlfriend because this is something which can make you a hero in her eyes. Life would be so boring without your girlfriend, right? Well, tell her this. Be more romantic and make her day by doing romantic things. I have compiled a list of 115 romantic things that you can do to make your girlfriend feel loved and show her your romantic side.

Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend

1. Remember to say “I love you” and “I need you” often.

2. Hold her hand while walking in the rain.

3. Write a love poem.

4. Call a radio station and dedicate a favorite song.

5. Write “I Love You” in lipstick or shaving cream on the mirror.

6. Hide love notes in her lunch box, briefcase or purse.

7. Make heart-shaped toast or pancakes for breakfast.

8. Place a love note in the personals section of the newspaper.

9. Take her for a carriage ride around the city.

10. Plan a surprise getaway.

11. Help her with household chores.

12. Write notes on future dates in her date book (“I love you,” I miss you,” etc.)

13. Make reservations at her favorite restaurant without telling her, and then surprise her.

14. Let her choose which movie to watch.

15. Give her a relaxing foot massage.

16. Make a heart-shaped bookmark, and place it in their book.

17. Pop in a romantic music CD and slow dance with her.

18. Throw a just-because surprise party for two.

19. Buy a stuffed animal she loves.

20. Read her horoscope and tell her how her day is predicted to unfold.

21. Make a list of the top 10 things you love about her.

22. Write it in a wonderful hand or print it in a beautiful font and display it in a prominent place.

23. Tattoo her name on your body (make sure you are ready for this kind of commitment).

24. Make an album or scrapbook of your favorite memories together.

25. Go camping together and only take one sleeping bag.

26. Send a mushy message to her the unconventional way. In a bottle, on a foggy mirror or a sandwich.

27. Cut out a silly cartoon that you know she’d enjoy.

28. Shower with her, often.

29. Dim the lights, and snuggle together on the couch.

30. Be the first to say “I’m sorry” to her and kiss and make up.

31. Give her a full-body massage.

32. Kiss her every chance that you get.

33. Send her a gift basket of indulgent items.

34. Buy her a pretty dress, tell her to put it on and take her out on a romantic date.

35. Wrap your bed with a huge ribbon bow.

36. Clean the house when she is not home. Light a few candles, order some takeaway food, and have a great evening.

37. Act like a teenager in love with her sometimes.

38. Buy her flowers for no reason at all.

39. Play a word game that uses the words ‘love’, ‘romance’, ‘passion’ etc., with her

40. Run a warm bubble bath for her, with lots of lit candles.

41. Ask her to meet you in the park for a picnic.

42. Hold her hand as often as possible.

43. Leave a trail of rose petals through the house, leading to a romantic candlelit dinner or bedroom!

44. Make a donation in your girlfriend’s name to a special cause or charity that she believes in.

45. If she comes back tired from work. Help her take off her shoes and carry her to bed.

46. Watch an old black and white romantic movie and share a bowl of popcorn.

47. Reenact your first date together.

48. Surprise her with tickets to a special event she really want to attend.

49. Give her an unexpected kiss.

50. Buy a silly, impromptu gift.

51. Send her a text just to say “I’m thinking of you.”

52. Bring home a balloon bouquet for her.

53. Serve her favorite breakfast in bed.

54. Have a pillow fight with her.

55. Get her a pet dog/cat and nurture it together.

56. Wash and wax her car, without her asking you to do it and leave a little note on the dashboard.

57. Plant something together and see it grow.

58. Leave a mushy message on voicemail.

59. Take her out to stay in a hotel, for no reason at all.

60. Make angels in the snow with her.

61. Every time you say “hello” or “goodbye”, seal it with a hug and a kiss.

62. Take a romantic drive with her.

63. Spend the evening looking at the stars and make a wish together.

64. Cast a playful wink anytime, anywhere.

65. Think up a list of silly little pet names for times when you’re alone with her.

66. Read poetry to her.

67. Celebrate your half-birthdays and anniversaries together.

68. Put a picture of her in your wallet.

69. Buy her favorite book or CD for no reason at all.

70. Send a care package to work filled with treats like food, photos, candy, a love note, heart-shaped confetti, etc.

71. Go out for the evening and tell people you’re on your honeymoon.

72. Take a hike together and enjoy scenic sights with her.

73. Write a thank you note for all the things you take for granted.

74. Make a fire in the fireplace and roast marshmallows with her.

75. Tape her favorite TV show and spend the evening talking.

76. Do the dishes with her, and then apply hand lotion on her hands.

77. Write a love letter addressed to her and post it.

78. Decide on secret signals and use them to communicate with her in large groups of people.

79. Schedule a regular mid-week “date night” for just the two of you.

80. Do the laundry with her.

81. Reenact each other’s favorite love scene from a movie with her.

82. Call her at work and ask for a date.

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