Retirement Parties for Teachers

Teachers play the most important role in making a society. They are the ones responsible for shaping the mindsets of an individual. The dogma about life that lingers in this world has been forged by teachers. At times they are strict, at times they are as close as friends, and at times they shower their love like parents. Teachers have the most important responsibility of training the minds of their students. Through their own life, they influence the lives of their students. Every teacher is an important asset to our society.

The student-teacher relationship is something that is very special. At times a teacher can act like a counsellor when you are unable to take an important decision in your life or as a pillar of strength when you feel down and need someone to encourage you and lift you up. When the same teacher retires, it leaves lot of students with tears. Saying good bye is never easy. But, that is the bitter truth of life. Farewells usually have a mixture of different emotions. If your beloved teacher is retiring and you are looking for some ideas to make their farewell more memorable, then read on.  The retirement parties for teachers can be fun and a great expression to show your gratitude towards them for enriching your life, as an individual, with their love and knowledge.

retirement party teachers

1. Theme Parties:

Theme parties are one of the first ideas that can help you organize the retirement party well. You can choose the theme from a favorite movie or cartoon character to make it more fun. If you know any favorite movie or cartoon of your teacher, then what can be better than opting for those themes? By doing this, you can make their farewell party memorable.

Most people shy away from farewell party as they find it very hard to say good bye to the people they have worked with or students they have taught or the place that has become used to their presence. Theme parties will add more fun, as teachers and students dress themselves in different cartoon characters.  The night of sadness can be turned into a night of joy.

2. Collage Of Memories:

The best way to treat your teacher on his/ her farewell party is by gifting them the gift of memories. Nothing will make your teacher happier than this. You can choose to make the theme of the party to be something related to what has happened in the past; maybe how you were on your excursion trip etc. These gestures are sure, not only to stir up the emotions, but also help in refreshing the memory.

You can also present them a memento of your framed class photograph or a collage of your memories with your favorite teacher. This will surely be remembered by your teacher for the rest of his/ her life. By doing this, not only will you make the night memorable but also make your teacher feel special. So, do this to see that long smile on your teacher’s face and remember them for that.

3. Musical:

Talk to your friends and the staff members of the school or college and organise a nice music concert.  Let the music be of your teacher’s choice. You can hire musicians who can play in the farewell night. Music fits every situation, so be it a farewell party too. Instead of going for DJ’s, you can go for live music. If your friends can play any music instrument, then how about playing it for your teacher? Nothing will give your teacher more happiness and pleasure than to see his/ her students using their talents to honor them.

Play your teacher’s favorite songs. It may be a yesteryears classic or a latest Bruno Mars favorite, whatever it is – just rock on! If you or any of your friends can compose a special song for your teacher, then it is bound to moisten his/ her eyes and put a big smile on their faces.

4. Presentation:

Now, this one is sure to make your teacher proud of you. Talk in advance to your teacher’s family and try to get his/her childhood photos. Make a nice presentation as you put the photos together and add songs in the background as per the demand of the photographs. On the night of the farewell, you can cast your magic spell and mesmerise everyone.

As the presentation shows your teacher’s childhood photos, it is bound to take him/ her for a walk down the memory lane and with songs accompanying those photos will fill the hall with giggles. Just words of caution, photos are the moments stolen from good times. Be very careful and sensitive while working on that. Make sure that you don’t select photos which are embarrassing. If you’re planning to add songs in the background, make sure that the songs are not offensive.

5. Food:

Be very careful and precise about the food items.  Make sure you get your teacher’s favorite food. Include your teacher’s counterparts and his/ her family in the planning of the party. Get as much information as possible from them regarding his/ her favorite cuisines and drinks.

When your teacher arrives for the party and sees the theme and food of his/ her liking, it will surely melt his/ her heart. This gesture will make your teacher feel special. If you have been unable to make it to his/ her favorite list in the class, then now is your chance to get registered in his/ her forever. By choosing food and themes centred on your teacher, it is sure to make the night of farewell a memorable one.

6. Keep it Under Wraps:

The best way to make a party fun and happening is by keeping it under wraps. Make sure you keep the party and everything related to the party away from your teacher. Everyone likes surprises. So let this farewell party be a surprise party. You will be delighted and surprised to see the reaction of your teacher, when he/ she come to know of it. A sweet gesture is bound to be remembered by everyone, especially the one for whom it was organised.

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