Restart Your PC In 3-4 Sec


Have you wondered if you can get your system fast and free from all resources just like when you restart your system?

Yee its like Restart Your Pc in one click and in just 3-4 sec practically?

Many times we have to keep our system up and running, for many days and as the time goes processes becomes slow and memory usage increases. Many folks will restart their system but what if there exists a more simpler way kenyit

Yes this is possible to free all your system ram in just one click and make it as if it is restarted.

Follow these simple steps:

01. Right click on an empty area your desktop and select New >>> Shortcut

02. Now in the box type below text and press Next

%windir%system32rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks


03. Name this shortcut the name you like and press Finish:

04. Now whenever your computer starts running slow, close applications (if possible) and double click this shortcut to clear out your memory and get your computer running at a normal pace again kenyit

It is great when you haven’t rebooted in a few days or so.

Hope this helps you.senyum


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