Replace Windows Search with this

windows searchI personally used it and it was indexing about half a million files, its fast after that, at finding stuff its instant! Compared to Windows search this is in another league. I probably won’t ever use Windows search ever again.

This program is ridiculously good. I’ll explain why, with indexing, search programs can be very fast as they are just searching an indexed file which is a list of all the files on the hdd. The problem is that if you change the files on your HDD the index is out of date so is quite useless unless you re index all the time which slows the whole computer down. What Everything appears to do is monitor file changes in NTFS and adds to the index, this is rather instant. I tested this by copying a folder from a network source and it shows up instantly in a search looking for that folder!

It also has full shell support meaning you can right click folders as if it was windows file explorer.

Replace Windows Search with this

Replace Windows Search with this 2

It index’s very fast, the fastest I have seen in any of the file searching tools I have used(Copernic, Windows search(addon program), Google desktop, agent ransack, locate32, effective file search, launch y and more…)

Although locate32 is very fast the index is slow to build and has to be rebuilt if you change any files.

Agent Ransack was the previous best file search program because it was faster than the normal search and needed no index.

But now Everything is the best!

Download Everything for Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista from below:
Everything search engine


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