Reasons Your Girlfriend Could Be Making You Fat

Every human being is social by nature and therefore it follows that every man or woman wants to be in a relationship. Those individuals without a boyfriend or girlfriend feel left out and keep hankering for a partner that’ll make their lives more meaningful and complete. Although almost all of us have friends and families to keep us company throughout our lives, having someone who is very close to our heart, gives us the raison d’être for existence.

So, if you’re beginning to lay the foundations for a tempestuous affair with your prospective girlfriend or already in a relationship can be good for you both physically and spiritually. But are you aware that being in a smug and comforting relationship with your girl can effortlessly add the flab that you’ve always dreaded and make you look like a chubby clown?

Becoming overweight or obese as your affair becomes steady in the long run, is built into the nature of your relationship with your girlfriend. As couples begin to spend more time with each other, they begin to exhibit similar personality traits. You start reflecting attributes that you didn’t have when you were a single but picked up from your sweetheart. It always feels great to have a girlfriend and having one can rev up your lifestyle.

A romantic association means enhanced socialization in the form of movies, candle-lit dinners, late-night parties, and weekend getaways. All that boils down to gorging on those appetizing patisseries, buttery popcorn, succulent sirloin steaks, and sundry other lip-smacking food items egged on by your girlfriend. In no time, your body accumulates more calories than you can burn making you plump and flabby.

You get nostalgic thinking about the days when the significant other was still a far cry and you kept a rigorous watch over your weight through regular exercises and sticking to a balanced diet. Since the day, the woman you chased in your dreams, stormed into your life, your daily schedule went haywire and you’re still groping for ways to shed those excess pounds and get your life back on track.

Although you might be tempted to blame your girl for your obesity, on deeper reflection, you’ll realise that your gaining weight was more as a result of change in your lifestyle catalysed of course by her.

Exploring the Reasons Your Girlfriend Could be Making You Fat and thinking of strategies to confront them could go a long way in salvaging the slim and trim you once had



1. Your Girl is Extremely Possessive about You

Women by nature have a surfeit or undercurrent of jealousy running in them that makes them very possessive about their boyfriends.  In case, you happen to be incredibly masculine and handsome, the streak of covetousness in your girl becomes all the more palpable and she can get obsessive about you. She’ll tend to feel more insecure when you’re in the company of other women. She’ll do everything she can to keep you from getting carried away by the charms of beautiful ladies.

2. A Changing Lifestyle

Just compare and contrast the daily life you led when you’re single with the lifestyle that you now have. You tend to get up later in the morning than you once used to and spend more time cuddling around with your pillows in your bed. You’re also inclined to idle around a lot more with your girlfriend that might help foster a warm and stable relationship but will extract its toll on your physique.

3. You Become a Glutton When She’s Around

Women are more conscious of what they eat when their boyfriends are around in sharp contrasts to men who’re attuned to gorge on all the goodies laid out in front of them by their girlfriends. Women are biologically more accustomed to take in lesser calories than men as they tend to be more mindful about keeping their figures in a pretty shape.

Have you noticed that you end up taking a lion’s share of the fare that is served in a restaurant when you go out on a lunch or dinner date with your girlfriend? On the other hand, you’re likely to eat much less when you’re around with your male friends.

4. Eating Out More Often

Having that special person in your life means an increased urge to splurge and impress her. That translates into having frequent luncheons and dinners especially on weekends which gradually becomes de rigueur. Eventually you develop a penchant for eating restaurant cooked food that may be more sumptuous than meals cooked in homes but does more harm than good in the long run. You put on unwarranted weight even before you can realize it.

5. The Way to Your Heart is through Your Stomach

Women love to pamper and spoil their men in every way they can and one of the most tried and tested methods of expressing and showering their love is by rustling up a meal that they’d find irreristible. Although your girlfriend does not have any intention of turning you into a chubby and cheeky guy, her passion for preparing your favourite meal every now and then can make you rotund.

6. Complacency and Comfortability Matters

When you’re together with your girlfriend, you take on a laidback approach and seem to be in a relaxing mood. As long as you’re around, your beloved dotes on you and coaxes you to take more of all the goodies that there’s to be had. Consequently, you’re not able to hold yourself for long and sooner or later, let your guard down and go on a bingeing spree.

It is only after you’re sounded out by your friends and family members that you come to your senses. It really becomes hard for you to come to terms with the fact that given your strict dieting regimen and hitting the gym regularly you could have put on so much weight.

7. Stress Factor

No matter how much you try, you’ll never be able to bring about a state of equilibrium in your relationship and attempting to do so leads to the build up of stress that is unavoidable. Although stress more often than not helps you to keep your weight under check in normal circumstances, you might have the propensity to overeat to mask your true feelings.

The consequences of overindulging will start becoming tangible in due course of time. It is wrong to assume automatically that men are less emotional than women. Since men are able to hide and control their emotions more effectively than women, there is a general impression that women are emotionally fragile. If you maintain a more harmonious alliance by minimising skirmishes and squabbles, you can rein in the stress which in turn will control your food cravings.

8. Irregularity with Workouts

Keeping yourself physical and mentally fit requires you to workout almost on a daily basis. You can only sustain your exercising schedule and dieting regimen if you strictly abide by your daily routine but all that can go awry once you’re smitten and become lovelorn. You eagerly look forward to having a rendezvous with your girlfriend and carrying on you with your exercises as a matter of routine goes down in your priority list of things-to-do and become secondary.

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