Reasons You Should Break Up With Your Boyfriend

Essentially a relationship is no fairy tale and, you are no Cinderella. There’s nothing like a perfect match. Every couple has their own share of imperfections to write upon and, in most cases the people working out a relationship will tell you how they deal with the other’s imperfections every day. But, there is a limit at which the imperfections should be accounted for. After that point, the relationship begins to fail. It is very irrational or illogical to continue the relationship after that point. This is the point where the issues go beyond repair and there is some signs that the relationship won’t go on. It is ideal for you to see those signs when they appear. If they are not major, try to repair the faults. But, in case the entire relationship and you are going for a toss in the process, it is essential that you break up and move on. It is difficult but there is no other option. No point in dragging a dead relationship around.

Reasons You Should Break Up With Your Boyfriend

Sadness Prevails You

Relationships are healthy only when they bring in happiness from all corners. The glow on your face should be a sign of the love that is present inside and around you. Your boyfriend should keep you happy and smiling even if he does not really know how to express his love. If instead of the smile, there is a lot of sadness in your eyes, you should start questioning the relationship. A relationship that does not make you happy enough is not worth the take. You should try to end the relationship then and there as there is no future in it. So, if you see such signs in your relationship plan to break up with your boyfriend at the earliest before the hurt finishes you from within.

You Put in the Efforts

When you are the one working hard towards the relationship then something is wrong with the whole relationship. It takes two to tango and, if one person is working towards it all there is no hope left in the relationship. It is all about give and take. If your boyfriend does not call on his own or plans the dinner or other dates, then you should question whether he is really interested or not. There is no give from his side and, there is a lot of take for sure. You could also find out from his behaviour if he is really interested in all that you do for him or not. This is a sign that your boyfriend is really not interested in continuing the relationship anymore but, is too weak to say it to you. The end of your relationship has come and, you should learn to end it bravely. The earlier the better!

Cheating on You

Have you caught him cheating on you? Do you feel you cannot trust him ever again in life? Well, then bid adieu to this relationship at the earliest. The moment there is this small gap breaking into your relationship, the relationship struggles to survive. You can try and assure yourself in every possible way but, you would fail. When trust moves out of your relationship there is no way to redefine those instances again. Instead of giving into major problems and issues in your life, say a bye at the earliest and part ways in a smooth way.

No Compromise Possible

Relationships work on understanding and compromise. If your partner is not ready to understand your needs or compromise anywhere, there is a big problem. Both understanding and compromise is a two way process. If any one of the two refuses to go through it, the relationship has failed big time. Instead of accepting and going on with the fact that your boyfriend wont understand or compromise, it is time to break up with your boyfriend and move on in life. There is no person on this earth who needs to be sacrificial. Sacrificing and giving up on everything is not the way towards love but, it is more towards killing yourself from within. So, if there is no compromise happening from the other side, break up with your boyfriend and try to move on.

Are you Ambitious?

Well, this is another sign of there being danger in the relationship. If you are ambitious and, your career is more important than your boyfriend, you should ideally break up with him. This is to save a lot of troubles that may arise later on in life. You would probably face a worst time when you go around messing with his life and, do not give enough time to your relationship. A face off is a bad situation. Try not to enter this situation. Instead try to finish the relationship so that you can give time to your work and, you boyfriend is free to move on with his life.

Separate Paths that don’t meet

If you and your boyfriend are treading a different path altogether and, there is no chance of you two being together at any point it is time to say goodbye to the relationship. There is no future to such a relationship where you two would be on parallel roads and, giving no time to each other. In fact, there is no togetherness in this relationship. Instead of inviting constant bickering and problems, try to sort it out once and for all and end the entire affair.

Friends Say it All

Many times your friends would judge a situation better than you. If all your friends are saying that this guy is not worth you, there must be something about it. So, try to concentrate on your friends words and break off with your guy. It may not seem like a good idea then but, later on in life it would seem to be the best thing that happened.

Relationships are built on mutual trust and understanding. If at any point you feel this does not exist, you should consider breaking up.

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