11 Reasons Why You Should Shave Everyday

Men can be divided into two categories – who shave everyday and who don’t! Whether to shave daily or not has always been a much discussed subject matter when two men meet. However, until this day, nobody could ever have a confident answer on this issue. There’s constantly a debate about ‘everyday shaving’ and its key issue is so called skin damage and on the other hand some see many advantages in it. However, if you analyze the reasons why you should shave everyday, you may recognize some advantages. These are clarified below.

Though ‘whether to shave everyday or not’ is a matter of much debate, shaving everyday can have magic of personal grace. Shaving everyday can just be equal to immaculate clothes that we put on to impress others. There are various for shaving everyday. These are from repelling an unclean look to added style to your personality and the most importantly attracting the opposite sex to you.

shaving everyday

1. Useful for Shortage of Facial Hair

Shaving everyday would be a marvel, if nature hasn’t provided you with sufficient facial hair. Yet, it must be remembered that science doesn’t support any theory about increase of facial hair by shaving everyday. However, if you see back into your past, you would see how using your dad’s razor (in his absence) in your teens grew your mustache and beard line.  Therefore, shaving everyday might frankly hold up the realistic issue of faster facial hair growth or at least make it unnoticeable.

2. Useful Against Excessive Facial Hair

If you have excessive facial hair, shaving everyday can be a great help. Moreover, it grants fresh and more graceful appearance to your face. If you’re in the category of dense facial hair, you may undergo acnes in the summer, as the thick facial hair motivates sebum absorption and sweat in the skin pores. Therefore, for this reason too, shaving daily can be useful.

3. Removal of Dead Skin

No matter what you apply for shaving. It might be some cream, spray or gel, but most important is the skin massaging and scratching of facial hair with a shaver. Thus, shaving everyday facilitates the removal of dead skin on the outermost skin level. This dead skin too might cause acne. In this way, shaving each day, you can get rid of the dead skin without brushing your face.

4. Skin Safeguard

Almost all shaving goods have antiseptic constituents. If you’re in the habit of using an after-shave lotion, its blend with antiseptic agents safeguards your skin from skin infections. Thus shaving everyday guarantees to counteract against the daily threat of skin infection.

5. Changes Your Appearance

If you are working in a white-collar sector, your smart look offers you more opportunity. Shaving each day can be very helpful for these people, as it instantly provides elegance. Also, men look more active with no facial hair. It’s said ‘first is the last impression’. If you’re working in professional sector, you need to meet lot of people. They may evaluate your ability by the way you appear. If you’ve facial hair, you may not look enough dependable or honorable. But, they may think otherwise if you shave regularly.

6. No Ingrown Hair

Shaving everyday gets rid of ingrown hair. If you’re shaving daily, you nip ingrown facial hair in the bud. This decreases every possibility of hair growth under the skin. Shaving regularly means minor hair drag.

7. Clean Look

Shaving everyday offers clean and fresh look. When you shave daily, you look more stylish and clean. Shaving everyday also increases your self-belief.

8. Attractive to the Opposite Sex

Generally, women favor men with no facial hair. It also has been revealed through the latest scientific research that shaving each day could work as aphrodisiac not only for men, but turns on the women also.

9. Facial Hair – A Reason of Uneasiness

A fact must be remembered that most of the women feel it discomforting if they see a man with facial hair. To have beard means to create a sort of uneasy feeling in women. If they see a man with grown facial hair, they dispirit themselves getting close to him.

10. A Matter of Self-Dignity Too

By shaving everyday, you send a message about your self-caring nature. This builds your encouraging image in your contacts. Thus, shaving each day can do magic.

11. Itchy in Hot Season

To have beard in summer means sweat therein that further becomes a reason for itching too. Thus beard is very uncomfortable in hot days.

However also remember, highly sensitive skin tends to react adversely upon shaving. So, please avoid frequent shaving if it causes irritation.

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