Reasons Why Education is Important

Right from your growing up years, you had been egged on by your parents, teachers, and everybody else who had your best interests at heart, to study hard and garner as many academic degrees as possible. The indispensability of acquiring a minimum level of education not only for the purpose of earning one’s livelihood but also for attaining a certain quality of life does not need to be overemphasized.

Getting an education or attaining a minimum threshold level of learning had always been of substantial importance in the life of a human being since times immemorial. However, the significance of education in the 21st century for accomplishing one’s career goals or objectives is overarching and simply cannot be ignored or denied.

No matter what profession you choose to excel in or whatever be the degree of success you’re aspiring to achieve, it goes without saying that you’d need to have a certain level of tutoring. Having a professional qualification along with the relevant educational degrees is integral when you’re applying for a job.

If you have the required level of academic grooming and a job oriented degree you’re likely to be considered more eligible by the prospective employer than someone who does not have the requisite qualifications or credentials. Nowadays, you may not be considered for even an entry level position in any company or business establishment if you don’t have the basic grade of education despite having some amount of work experience.

We’re all living in an age where almost everybody is out to make their mark in life and leave behind their footprints in the sands of time. In other words, it can be said that this is the age of individualism where everyone wants to make an impact as an individual. Towards that end, completing education up to a certain point becomes vital and necessary.

The aphorism that ‘the lives of great men remind us’ is relevant even today and will remain so for all times to come. In the context of this maxim, it is worth noting that all important personalities in the history of mankind were highly educated. History is replete with examples of great men and women who not only reached the zenith of success and glory but also made the world a better place to live in. Many rose from humble backgrounds to attain the highest station in life.

So, it does not matter whether you hail from a royal family or come from a nondescript family, an education will give you the perfect launching pad for earning a name for yourself. Education becomes the decisive factor of your standing in life. Of all the probable or possible needs for obtaining an education, the most elementary need is to imbibe the basic wisdom or knowledge to see self through from one day to the other. Although the need for education may differ from person to person, there are some needs or reasons that are generally common to all. The universal Reasons why education is important to one and all have been enumerated below.


1. Self Awareness and Empowerment

The most basic yet the most crucial benefit that accrues to you from education is that you become conscious of yourself as an individual. You come to realise your ‘potential virtues’ and ‘limitations’ as a person. Education also makes you conscious of your civil rights and responsibilities as a citizen. It also empowers you with the will to fight for your just rights if you’re denied the same.

It equips you with the ‘sense of reasoning’ to differentiate between the ‘right’ and the ‘wrong’. Education gives you the inner strength to fight for the oppressed and downtrodden in society and raise your voice against injustice and discrimination in society. The long and short of it all is that education makes you truly conscientious which in turn leads to self empowerment.

2. For Meeting Your Materialistic Needs

We are all living in an age where we are constantly being bombarded by commercial ads that exhort and titillate us to buy all those ‘goodies of life’ that’ll make you swell with pride and make your neighbours go green with envy. How long can you resist the temptations? Moreover, you cannot forever look to your parents for fulfilling your insatiable urge to buy anything or everything that catches your fancy. At some stage in your life, you’ll need to earn for meeting all your requirements. Education will help you in landing a lucrative job that’ll in turn help you to achieve your desired lifestyle.

3. Helps in Finding Your Match

Nowadays, every young man or woman wants his or her prospective life partner to be erudite. If you’re under the assumption that your pedigree or your ancestral wealth alone makes you a highly eligible bachelor or bachelorette, then you’re living in a fool’s paradise. Right from the man in the street to the highest ranking royal, everybody needs to be educated these days to find his or her match because although marriages may be made in heaven but man is still responsible for its maintenance. If you have a high quality of education, your chances of finding your ideal better half increases manifold.

4. Being Educated Means Your Children Will Also Follow Suit

Being educated means you help create the right academic environment for your kids as well. If you’re well-read and learned, you’ll be able to help your children with their education. Furthermore, being educated makes you cultured and lends you a degree of sophistication that’ll also make your children proud of you. Your education will help your kids secure admission in a reputed school as almost all well known schools conduct parents’ interviews before admitting their children.

5. Helps in Developing Your Personality

Just as a jeweller adds lustre to ‘uncut’ and ‘rough’ diamonds by polishing them which augments their commercial value to a considerable extent, education is the tool you use to hone your raw talent. In short, education is the best recourse you have for turning yourself into a complete human being. You gain a comprehensive insight into how you should lead your life or rather how to live life to the fullest.

Your personality grows and develops concomitantly as you move on from academic stage to the next. You can well imagine the impression you can make on one and all if you’re well-educated. Education imparts you with the etiquettes and manners so that you confront the world with confidence. The long and short of it is that education makes you a refined man.

6. Makes You Fully Independent

Right from your childhood, you had been encouraged to educate yourself by your parents and teachers so that you’re successful in standing on your own feet when you grow up. It’s a fact (and it will always remain so) that if you want to become self-dependent and be on your own, you have to get yourself a education at least up to the graduate level.

Education arms you with the purchasing power that frees you from the need to be dependent on your parents financially or anybody else for that matter. Education is a great leveller that helps you to stand up for yourself.

7. Education is the Key to Securing Your Future

The key to securing your future lies in working diligently and with sincerity no matter whatever be your calling. If you’re holding a good position in a company then you need to do justice to that position so that you can carve a name for yourself in that entity and in the society as well.

Entrenching your position also helps you to get promotion and make good money which in turn helps you to insure your life financially post retirement. Or, you might be having a business that you need to run effectively not only for reinforcing its future prospects but also for making the lives of your family members and yourself more secure. Only education can help you in getting a plum position with a high paying salary or for establishing a business start-up or venture.

8. Helps You Keep Pace with the Changing Times

 To say the last but not the least, you certainly don’t want to feel ‘left out’ in a world that is continuously in a state of flux. Everything and everybody around is changing faster than you can think of. The only way you can keep track with the changing times is by keeping yourself abreast of the current issues that is making the world go round. You need to read the newspapers, go online or watch the TV to keep yourself updated. You can only do all these activities if you give yourself a good education. Only education can help you find your place under the sun.

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