Reasons you Should Start Looking for a new Job

5. Your Working Environment is not Conducive Enough for Career Growth

You’re working in your current position because you want to accomplish your career objectives. It’s as simple as that. Everybody works with the hope of advancing professionally and attaining the highest possible station or position in their areas of specialization. So, if you see that there is no chance of vertical growth in your present occupation despite putting in your best efforts, you should start updating your resume for a fresh job.

Your Working Environment is not Conducive Enough for Career Growth.

6. A Management that is Plain Inconsiderate

If you often find yourself in a situation where you always have to unreasonably justify your taking a sick leave or taking a day-off, to the management, you might start looking for greener pastures. It’s one thing not to agree with the office management on certain issues.  Nevertheless, if you often end up arguing or disagreeing on most official matters, then it can be a pointer that you are not happy with your job.  If you don’t perceive any change in your management’s attitude towards you, you might consider quitting as a matter of course.

A Management that is Plain Inconsiderate.

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