Reasons you Should Start Looking for a new Job

At some stage in your life, you’ll have to take a stand as far as your career is concerned, if you haven’t yet already. If you consider yourself to be highly ambitious, you’ll always have this drive within you to excel in your job and to reach the pinnacle in your profession. However, if you find yourself stuck in a bad job, you’ll hardly ever let go of any opportunity to look for a new position. If there is something which is not going OK with you in your job then these are the reasons you should start looking for a new job.

It’s a fact that the working population these days not only has to put in more hours at work but much of what they do goes unacknowledged leaving them demoralized. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that there is always a size-able proportion of working professionals, including a large number of women, who are desperately seeking new jobs. There could be a host of reasons why somebody would like to quit his or her present job.

It could be that you are underpaid in your present position or it could be that your superior or your employer always tries to micromanage and lays down impractical goals. You know that a friend or acquaintance of yours who’s working in the same job position as yours (albeit in a different organization which is bigger) is earning more than you. You might want to give up your job when you see that you’ve have to do continuous shifts at a stretch. Then again, you’d also want to quit because of your co-workers or work colleagues who’re plain uncooperative and unwilling to share your problems.

But given the current slump in the job market, you’d have to think many times before you hand in your resignation letter. Before you can decide for once and for all to say sayonara to your present position, you’d have to have a plan ‘B’ or have an escape route ready. Even the thought about leaving your current job can be stressful enough as you’d have to give up everything that you’ve become used to, at one go.

You’d have to say goodbye to your co-workers with whom you’ve shared so much for so long, and your cosy cubicle near the window, and so much else. Oftentimes, situations might develop when you’re compelled to take a call as far as your present job is concerned. You start searching for a new job or seriously start thinking about making a career switch when you realize that you have reached a cul-de-sac in your present workstation. Following are some good Reasons You Should Start Looking for a New Job.

1. You Start Getting Anxious on Sunday Nights

There’s hardly anybody who hasn’t had his or her share of those alarming Sunday nights when one was filled with the dread of having to start another hectic week at work. So, needless to say, you too had your moments of ‘Monday morning blues’. But if you see yourself getting unnecessarily edgy on the night before the start of another week at office more often, then it’s a clear enough sign that you hate your job.

There could be any number of reasons for your edginess. It could be because of some meddlesome office colleagues or because of your boss who’s overly temperamental. Or, it could be because your work environment is not challenging enough and your position does not offer ample scope for career progression. Whatever be the reason for your not liking your job, forcing yourself to report to work can be stressful that in turn can be damaging for your physical and mental health.

Furthermore, the constant anxiety of being tied up in a job that you seem to intensely ‘hate’ can make you pessimistic about your future. You’ll start having a negative outlook about everything or everybody in general. Your stress could also affect your familial relationships.

You Start Getting Anxious on Sunday Nights.

2. Your Company is About to go Bankrupt

You must be aware of that old tale of rats deserting a drowning ship. So, if you strongly feel that the organization in which you work will be in the red eventually, you should decide to quit sooner than later. There will be some ‘obvious’ and some not so ‘conspicuous’ signs that your company, will in due course, close down lock, stock, and barrel if you’re circumspect enough to notice.

For instance, there might be a burgeoning list of debtors who owe large sums of money to your company. Or, there could be a huge pile-up of sales orders that your company is not in a position to deliver. It’s better to quit while you’re still employed rather than holding out till the last moment. That way, you’ll be able to give a plausible explanation why you left your last posting and justify yourself when you appear for a job interview.

Your Company is About to go Bankrupt.

3. You’re Grossly Underpaid

A very high proportion of the workforce resigns from their respective jobs because they do not get the salaries they deserve. If you think that you’re not getting the remuneration that is rightfully due to you, then it’s high time that you should start exploring the job market. The fact that some of your office colleagues or many other people are earning more than you though being in the same position can be demotivating for you.

A co-worker getting promoted ahead of you can work as a trigger point to induce you to send your resume to other organizations and establishments. In a similar vein, a colleague in your current workplace who is drawing a higher salary than you despite having the same job profile can also prompt you to look for a more lucrative job. However, to be on the safe side, you should first pocket a higher paying job before you walk out on your current position considering the tight job market situation.

You’re Grossly Underpaid

4. You’re not on Good Terms with Your Boss

Nothing can be worse than working in an organization where you and your boss or superior never seem to get along with each other. It can be really disconcerting for you if you cannot see eye to eye with your boss on most matters despite having a well paid job and a congenial working atmosphere. It can get more disappointing if your efforts to improve sagging relations with your boss come to a naught.

 If you observe that your boss’s indifference and antagonism towards you is hurting your standing in your present workplace, you should not think twice before moving out. You souring relations could also have a deleterious affect on your career that might force you to consider your present position. There are numerous instances of people having left cushy jobs because they were not on good terms with their bosses.

You’re not on Good Terms with Your Boss

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