Reason for Leaving Current Job

One of the basic necessities of life includes having a good job. If you are someone who is looking to switch or is unable to understand what the right job is, then this article will interest you.

Job is one the first steps that takes you one level higher into maturity. Still, many people around the world face this problem of not being able to understand the purpose of their jobs. Before you make a decision to quit a job, give yourself enough reasons for leaving current job. Most people end up making a wrong decision by quitting their jobs without doing proper analysis.

It is very important for you to know the reasons for leaving the job. One of the first steps that you can take in this is by being very patient. It is not a wise thing to make a decision in haste and then regret your whole life for that. Give it some time, think about it, and discuss it with your parents, friends or spouses. In times like these, it is very important to have a second opinion. This article will give you the reasons why one should quit the job and if you find it to be matching with your situation, then think about it very seriously.

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1. Not Satisfied

One of the main reasons why people quit their jobs is the lack of satisfaction from the job. If you are someone who is also feeling the same about your job, then it is the right time for you to give it a very serious thought and decide. There can be various reasons of why a person is not satisfied from his/ her job. One of the main reasons why a person is not satisfied with his/ her job is No growth option.

When there is no option of growth, life suffers. No one like to do the rhetoric work every day. Everybody wants to grow and wants to see themselves successful. When they don’t see any scope of these things, they develop a kind of hatred for their jobs, colleagues and most importantly their bosses.

2. Better Options

If you are planning to leave your current job, make sure you back yourself with solid reasons. The second reason why most people prefer to leave their current job is the availability of a better option. When you have a better option waiting in the wings, then and only then you can think of leaving your current job.

Most people make the classic mistake of leaving the job without having one in the kitty. It is very important that you make sure that you are not left jobless once you have left the job. Everybody wants to grow and if you have a better option, a better job for which you have applied prior, then just go for it.

3. Boredom:

When the work starts to make you feel bored, that is when most people opt-out. Boredom is one of the main reasons why most people don’t want to continue in their current job. Being not satisfied with the job and feeling bored at job are two entirely different things. The one who is not satisfied with the job could be because that doesn’t fall into his/ her interest area. The one who feels bored at work could be due to his/ her lack of interest in the work.

It’s when passion starts to fade, that life starts to fade. The third reason why most people leave their current job is out of boredom. It plays a very vital role in the making of a decision when a person analysis his/ her work.

4. Unhealthy Environment:

Nothing alive can survive in an unhealthy environment. When the environment of the workplace is not friendly, it is then when most people think of quitting. No one likes to be a part of a workplace that is brimming with backstabbing, politics etc. Everybody wants to work in an environment which is healthy and which gives an individual a chance to explore and improve his/ her skills and also work in a very creative way.

The fourth reason why most people want to leave their current job is the unhealthy office environment that acts as a source of stress in the already stressful life of a person. People want a healthy environment at work which can be a stress buster. The friendly environment sans all backbiting, gossips and politics, is what is on every individual’s wish list.

5. Company Goals

Some people want their way out of the office as they are not fully satisfied with the company’s goals. When the company sets some goals or targets for itself without considering the ill effects it can have on the employees, it is then that most people decide to leave the job. Nobody wants to work in company that is not mindful of its employees.

The fifth reason why most people want to leave their current job is their non satisfaction with the company’s goals. If the company is adamant in not hearing what the employees have to say, it is only then that people think of finding a better option elsewhere.

6. Relocation:

The sixth reason is something that most people go through. They leave their current job when they are relocating. If their workplace is far away from their new residence, then they think of leaving that job and finding a new one which is less far. This reason is what most people have when they are planning to quit their jobs.

If the company is relocating and the new place requires long commute from the employees, then also the employee may think of leaving the job. Long hours of commuting drench the energy and the strength.  For this reason people prefer to work in places which are not very far from their residence. Most people waste long hours in travelling and hence are not very productive at work. So, most people prefer to leave the job due to distance.

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