Quick Ways for Teens to Make Money

The growing up years in an individual’s life are without doubt the most blissful and carefree years in his or her entire lifetime. For a start, you don’t have to worry about where your next meal comes from as your parents or guardians are there to make provisions for it. Neither are you pressurized to earn your livelihood (there are of course exceptional circumstances) till you’re academically (and otherwise) prepared to step out into the big bad world of adults.

Traditionally, teenagers and adolescents have been getting pocket money or allowances from their parents (and oftentimes earning it as well) and still do but every teenager is not so lucky. The financial situation of many parents may not permit them to hand over allowances especially if they have more than one kid or if there is only one earning member in the entire family. Furthermore, the spiralling cost of living has limited the scope for parents to pay allowances to their children.

Teenagers have always had a varied social life and whatever pocket money they received never seemed to be enough. If you’re an adult now with a nice paying job to boot, then you often get nostalgic thinking about your adolescent years. You might not have felt like working for a livelihood then but you needed the dough (besides the allowances) all the same. You might have mowed lawns, dug ditches, cleaned cars, delivered newspapers, shovelled snow, did landscaping, and raked leaves and so on, and the money you made every week was good.

These days, teenagers have more and varied opportunities for raking in the moolah that didn’t exist even two decades ago. Many of the options available nowadays for making money are available via the Internet. So you’d just have to log in to the net and remain online for a specified number of hours in a day to capitalize on the numerous opportunities for earning a fast buck. Besides the online jobs, the conventional and real-time engagements like tutoring, organizing a garage sale, and running errands for neighbours also figure on the summer jobs or odd jobs priority list.

The ‘teen years’ (from thirteen to nineteen) is a very tumultuous period for all young boys and girls. All adolescents in this 7-year phase has to go through ‘several ups and downs’ that go a long way in shaping their personas and how a teenager deals with his or her life in these seven years has a tremendous bearing in his or her future life. Almost everybody would unanimously agree that adolescents in these formative years socialize a lot including going to the movies, organizing parties, and leaving for weekend trips.

All such activities would require having a fair amount of disposable cash on your person. Since the allowance that you get from your parents might not always be sufficient, you’d have to take on a job for your surplus cash needs. If you’re not content doing a routine job like waiting on tables, flipping burgers or babysitting, you can ‘cash-in’ on your creative skills. As a teenager, you must be having a knack or aptitude for something you pursue relentlessly as a hobby.

You may have a penchant for collecting coins (numismatics) or stamps (philately). Or, you might have good gardening or landscaping skills. With a smattering of creativity and persistence, you can literally convert the extraordinary skills you possess into a money-spinning venture.

Following are some Quick Ways for Teen to Make Money. If you’re in your teens, you can check out these techniques for making money and try to save as much as possible. Open a savings bank account and make it a point to deposit a lump sum in your account every month. Your savings earns you a neat interest at the end of the year. Make your money work for you!


1. Earning Money Online

There are a countless number of ways to make money online. You can take advantage of your Internet research skills for earning money that could go towards paying your high school or college tuition fees, buying books or stationeries, entertaining friends once in a while and even giving your girlfriend a sumptuous treat.

You can participate in online surveys for an assortment of products or services, conduct surveys, and sell various stuffs on popular sites like Amazon.com and eBay. Although you won’t become a Richie Rich by exploiting the online means (for making money) but at least you’d be able to meet many of your dire needs as a teenager.    

2. Register For Trial Promotions and Offers

There is ever-present competition between companies and firms for garnering a sizeable market share for their products and services. Many new and upcoming businesses and even longstanding stalwarts often pay prospective customers for trying out their new products, and commodities that have been given a redo or improved.

A trial offer is a tried and tested marketing strategy for getting potential clients hooked onto their products so that they continue using them. If you want to tap the potential of such ‘trial offers’ then you should maintain an almanac for keeping track of their expiry dates so that you can withdraw in time.

3. Raising Money for Community or Pet Projects Online

Teenagers since a long time ago have gone from door to door and requested their friends and relatives to buy coupons for funding a community or social service project. This traditional concept of raising money for any sort of scheme or mission has taken on a new and cutting-edge dimension with the proliferation of websites that guide youngsters on the modus operandi of raising money for financing anything from a start-up venture to college tuitions, hospitalization bills and even marriages and honeymoons.

4. Website Design and Development

Not even a decade back, designing and developing a portal or website for an individual or institution was considered a big deal. With passage of time, rapid strides have been made in e-commerce technology that now enable even a layman to build his or her own site without the aid of website designers and developers or web programmers.

You can master the nitty gritty of website design and development by going for a crash course that are offered for free by many service providers. Thereafter you can offer you services to small-time business establishments and companies who’re on the lookout for adolescents like you as they’re more often not able to afford the steep rates charged by industry professionals.

5. Freelance Projects

As job losses, layoffs, and superannuation benefit cuts are becoming the order of the day, more and more people are turning to part-time and fulltime freelancing positions. Many individuals moonlight as a part-time freelancer in their free or leisure time to supplement their main source of livelihood.

You don’t have to be a computer wizard to land a freelancing job. Just having basic computer and net researching skills will help you to qualify for a freelance writer, translator, social media marketer, search engine optimization specialist, and so on. Some positions would of course require you to have additional aptitude (translator, wedding photographer et al). You can always pick up such skills while you’re at the job.

6. Sign Up for Medical Surveys and Studies

If you thought that clinical trials and medical studies made guinea pigs out of human beings and were very debilitating in nature, then you’ll be stunned to know the number of teenagers who willingly volunteer for the same. Many such trials involve techniques and experiments that are non-invasive.

You can research on the net for pharmaceutical companies, medical investigation centres, and medical colleges that are looking for young people to register for their clinical trial programmes that are simple and do not entail invasive tests and procedures. Assess the risks and benefits of registering for a trial before you can decide. If you decide to go ahead, you might have to reschedule your engagements as a standard clinical study may take up your entire day.

7. Sign Up for Focus Group Surveys

Focus group surveys are carried out to find out and establish the demographic and financial profile for a particular product or service.  Teenagers and youngsters are highly sought after as far as cluster or group surveys are concerned. You also stand to make more money by participating in group reviews than online surveys.

8. Arrange a Garage Sale

Arranging for a yard or garage sale is not only a good way to earning some quick money but also clear your house of clutter. You might be having many items and goods in your house that simply have no value but may be treasured by ‘item collectors’ and ‘treasure hunters’.

9. Earn by Tweeting

You can make good money by tweeting on behalf of advertisers and promoters for their products and services.

10. Give Tuitions or Music Lessons

Do you know that you can make a hefty sum by giving tuitions in Maths, English, Physics or any other subject? You can also give lessons in drawing or painting if you have the necessary skills in them. Parents and guardians are interested in engaging teenagers for tutoring their children in the subjects where they need to come up. 

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