Thoughtful Questions to Ask a Girl to get to Know Her

As two people meet and fall in love, they want to know everything about the other person. There can be many decent and simple questions to ask a girl to get to know her. At times, in our honest attempt to know the other person, we step over the boundary and hurt them and other times, we ask nothing at all and make the other person feel that we are not at all interested. There lies a very thin line between necessary and unnecessary questions. This article will tell you about the questions to ask a girl to get to know her, without ever stepping on the forbidden zone. It is the right of every person to make efforts to know the person whom they love. But, most of the times, we don’t know where to stop.

Before we begin to ask questions, we need to understand that if the other person loves us, then all our questions will be answered. But, the catch is, they may be answered all at once or over a period of time. An honest and genuine approach is a must and we must be very understanding when it comes to a girl. Girls are very sensitive when it comes to personal questions, and usually they don’t entertain such questions if they don’t know you intimately. So before you could bombard her with all the questions, you need to be very sensitive, understanding, caring and above all loving.

Mentioned below are some questions that you can ask a girl without offending her in order to get to know her.

1. Her Likes and Dislikes:

When you go out on a date with a girl, it is very important for you to make her comfortable. Only when you make her comfortable, will she be able to be herself; otherwise the situation becomes very suffocating. The first step that you need to take in order to know her is to ask her about her likes and dislikes. If you are thinking of having a relationship with the person, then it becomes very important and necessary for you to know what she likes and dislikes.

Almost half of your questions will be answered once you know about her likes and dislikes. As you make efforts to know her likes and dislikes, it will give her a very positive impression and she too will show her interest in you. Make sure you listen to her when she speaks, but this will help you not only to understand said words but also to read between the lines.

 Her Likes and Dislikes

2. Her Dreams:

As you show interest in her likes and dislikes, you can ask her about her goals, her dreams and aspiration. It is the dream of a person that defines that person the best. As a partner it becomes very important for you to know what she wants out of her life and whether your relationship is acting like a stumbling block in the way of her dream. As she tells you about her dreams, listen to her throughout. Show interest in what she is saying.

As she shares her dream with you, you too can share yours with her. As you discuss your future plans, you can learn to be inter-dependent. A life without dreams or without love is complete. It is important for both of these things to be present in life. Absence of any one of them is bound to make you feel hollow and empty inside. You can ask her how you can help her in fulfilling her dream and ensure her that you will always be there to love and support her.

Her Dreams

3. Future Plans:

It is very important for two people who are in love to be of the same mind. If your future plans differ, then your relationship will suffer. Ask about her future plans. It can be related to higher studies, a job prospect etc. As she tells you about her future plans and you about yours try to find a common ground. If you both want to be together, then you make sure you include each other in your future plans. This will help you to always remember where you are heading to.

Make sure that you always extend your love and support to her in her future plans. By including each other in your future plans you will always know what you are working for and what you will get in the end.

Future Plans

4. Belief:

A girl is usually very emotional when it comes to love, but very practical when it comes to a relationship. You can ask her about her belief system, if she believes in love and her views on that.  As you ask her these questions, make sure you also put forward your views on the same.  As she tells you her views about love and relationship, you will get to know her well and you will know exactly what to expect from a relationship.

If you want you can also ask her about her religious views, but try not to get deep into it. Try to keep the conversation as light as possible and avoid questions that might hurt her sentiments. You need to be very sensitive and caring when you ask her question in order to get to know her.


5. Memories:

In order to get more close to her, you can ask her questions about her favorite memory from childhood or from her college days. Girls are very touchy about memories and might shy away, at times from sharing it. But, once you have made them comfortable, they will not hesitate to share with you anything pleasant. If the conversation hits a rough patch and she remembers something bad, then try to shift the situation.


If she is comfortable in sharing a bad memory with you, then be very supportive and understanding. Girls usually hesitate to share something bad fearing they might be judged for that. Once, you win her confidence that you love for her will remain the same no matter what happens, then she will never hesitate to share anything with you. Become her confidant and she will love. But, you need to be very honest and genuine in your approach.

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