Top 10 Qualities Men Want in a Girlfriend

A relationship has more aspects than just saying “I Love You”. People have different expectations from a relationship. More than a relationship, they have expectations from their partners. It is not only women who dream of their prince charming, but every guy also toys with the idea of a dream girl who would, one day step out of their dreams and make them happy. The internet is full with ideas or expectations a girl has from her date or her boyfriend or husband. But, very rarely do we touch this topic of what qualities men want in a girlfriend. A relationship involves two hearts and hence it becomes very important for both the people to have some of idea as to what their partners expect of them.

While most relationships kick off with the age old clichéd situation of the first impression. This however doesn’t work all the time. In order to see the true qualities of your partner, you need a daily dose of patience 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. There is nothing wrong with having some kind of expectations from your partner. It is very common for people looking for love, striving hard and straining their eyes, to see the qualities they thought their lover would have. However, there are no specific qualities that this article will deal with, just the general ones.

qualities men want

1. Love:

The basic necessity of every human being is love. Love is the first and the foremost thing that a man looks in his girlfriend. With people getting involved in casual relationships, love seem to have lost its stand in this cut throat world. Men dream of having a girlfriend who can love them unconditionally, something which has become very uncommon to this world. A loving girlfriend is more than what a man could ask for.

The only way a girl could fill this ‘obligation’ is by being honest to herself.

2. Honesty:

It still rules the heart of people searching for true love. Men want their girlfriends to be honest not only with them but also with their own self. As our television is full of news dealing with the issue of infidelity, honesty is hard to find in this world. After love, it is honesty that men look for, in a woman of their dreams.

The only way a girl can be honest is by understanding the need of love in her life.

3. Caring:

A caring nature is sure to win lot of hearts. Men have always hoped to be in love with a girl who is caring, someone who always stands beside them in their troubled times. Nothing can give a man more happiness and a sense of security than to see his girlfriend standing beside him in all his trials. The famous song “Tomorrow” by the band ‘Europe’, speaks the mind of a man asking his love, ‘will you be there beside me when the world falls apart?’

The only way a girl can be caring is by putting herself in the place of others.

4. Understanding:

Who doesn’t dream of an understanding girlfriend? It is said that ‘the one who finds an understanding girl, finds favor in the sight of God!’ Having an understanding girlfriend will ensure the strengthening of a relationship. Most relationships break because of lack of understanding from one of the partners or from both the partners. It is always better to have an understanding girlfriend who can hold the reins of the relationship from one end, so that they never break away.

The only way a girl can be understanding is by making an effort to do so.

5. Patience:

Patience is surely a virtue, observed by few! A relationship blessed with a patient girlfriend will go a long way. It is said that, ‘a woman can either make a man or break a man!’ Through their perseverance and love, they can nurture and give new life to a relationship every day. In this fast paced world, people seems to have forgotten what it means to be patient, and so this is something that is in great demand by men. Every man looks for this quality in a woman.

The only way a girl can be patient is by understanding what her guy wants.

6. Intelligent:

There is no guy who doesn’t want a girlfriend who has common sense. Without this single element, everything seems useless. Intelligence is needed in all aspects of a relationship.  A girl who has intelligence can understand the feelings of her boyfriend easily and can react in a better way. It is very important for a girl to have a good presence of mind. A relationship takes it own coarse to become a strong one. An intelligent partner who has a better understanding of life is sure to act as a pillar of strength.

7. Like Minded:

Nothing can compliment a man better than having a like minded partner. If both the people are on the same page, it becomes very easy to live in a relationship. When a couple has similar thinking there are less fights and arguments. Many times there are disagreements even on small issues like which restaurant to go for dinner. When two like minded people come together, life becomes simple and enjoyable.

8. Sense of Humour:

A good sense of humour is a delight and who doesn’t want little moments of fun in a relationship. Every man dreams of a jovial girl, who jokes in between conversations and also someone who takes his jokes in a good spirit. Without sense of humour, a girl can be boring and too serious. Little jokes in between are sure to lighten up life and relationships.

9. No Tantrums:

Guys usually get very upset over girls who show their tantrums every now and then. They want someone who conducts herself properly and speaks her mind rather than showing tantrums. This kind of nature can lead to bad relationships.

10. Loyalty:

Loyalty in relationships is a no compromise zone. No man wants a girl who cannot be faithful. It is indeed a virtue for a girl to be loyal to her man. Loyalty keeps a relationship happy and long lasting. Every man wants a woman who conducts herself properly and is faithful. This is the key to happy relationships.

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