The Top 7 Popular Business Books for Women

They say the world has moved on from earth to moon. Surely, the saying seems to be very apt when we look around us and see the changing look of the women. From being housewives to becoming the CEO’s of the world’s leading companies, women have come a long way in order to prove their worth. But, like all successful people, these women too draw out their inspirations from the leaders in the market. Books have always been man’s best friend, and it seems like women have exchanged their good friend, jewellery for books.

This article will deal with some popular business books for women, which are advocated by successful women all around the world. These books deal with the corporate world is enriching and can prove to be very helpful for aspiring business women. The books give a very detailed insight into the world of business and how a woman can adjust and also become successful in that ‘man’s world’. The giant leap that women have taken from just living the roles of a mother, wife and sister is what this article is going to be all about. Just read on to find out about some really amazing books for business especially for women, which are recommended by successful women.

business books for women

1. Principle Centered Leadership :

This classic business book by best –selling author Stephen R Covey is highly recommended for those women who want to make it big in professional life. This book highlights the importance of listening to understand rather listening to reply. The importance of understanding is very much needed in our day-to-day life. Without understanding it is impossible to lead a normal life, forget about a successful one.

The book is one of the best sellers as it teaches women how important it is to understand in order to be understood. The book throws light on some of the important issues that is necessary for human development. Most of the times, our actions are in concordance with the situation. The author tells that we need to have an understanding approach even when situation is not in our control and everything seem to be going downhill.

2. The Tipping Point:

A must read novel for all business women. This book by Malcolm Gladwell stresses on the importance of a creative and an adventurous leader who can bring a huge change in the team. According to Gladwell, ideas, messages and behaviours spread like viruses and one motivated person in the team can influence others too.

Having a target or a goal in life is of paramount importance. The author tells the readers to have a creative soul and a disciplined mind. It is the passion that always rules the game and hence one must have passion and zeal for the work they are into in order to be successful.

3. Ten Laws of Enduring Success:

Endurance and success are two contrasting words that can never exist together. Maria Bartiromo speaks how difficult it is to ‘endure’ success when you were not pitching for it. As an aspiring business woman you need to have a vision, a dream, and the courage to fulfil that dream. When you work towards a particular goal, only then will you be able to enjoy and not endure its success on achieving it. The author also shares the secrets of how a person can become anything he/she aspires too.

4. Leading from the Front-No Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women:

With the market overflowing with the book on woman Vs man, this Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch book tells women to realise their unique gift that God has bestowed on them. Most of our times, we waste all our energies in competing with others. This book comes as an answer to the age old riddle of, ‘why I’m not successful?’ The only reason that people don’t get success in their work is because their concentration is more on their neighbor’s strength and not in their own self.

The book serves as a perfect guide for aspiring business women who are thinking of ways to either start their own business or be successful in whatever work they are doing. The book urges all women to realise their inner strength and work on them in order to be successful.

5. Rework:

This gripping novel by Jason Fried and David Hansonn talks about how people waste their precious time in over thinking and over analysing things which actually stops them from progressing.  The authors tell it all in a very plain and easy to digest language. The book is considered to be one of the best as it speaks of the mind of a person and how by changing one’s approach one can become successful and happy.

Some people have the habit of making things too complicated. This book urges its readers to be patient and no to make things too complicated.

6. Outliers:

This gripping book by Malcolm Gladwell sends across an important message that even in harsh times it is vital to be patient and keep working towards your goal. The author also proves that sociological, cultural and economic factors affect the business and it either makes it prosper or ruins it.

The book is also full of inspirations for women who want to make it big in the world of business; it has anecdotes and shows the reality of life that everything does not depend on mere hard work. It entertains and teaches at the same time.

7. The Four Hour Work Week:

Author Tim Ferris teaches the age old art of time-management to women. As women have to multi task from their household to office work, they need to prioritize, which often becomes difficult. This book emphasizes on the power of focus and also contains 40, 60, 80 hour work week.

Big goals and targets can be achieved only with the power of concentration. As most people lack focus in life, the book comes as a source of help as it teaches people the importance of staying focussed in life towards your goals. 

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