Pool Party Ideas for Kids

Organising a pool party for your kid can be a great way of celebrating or commemorating a special occasion, for instance his or her birthday. A pool party for kids can also be an excellent way to beat the summer heat by playing different sort of water games or simply splashing out in the water! Kids and children can become bored during the long summer holidays that sometimes last for more than two months.

You can take them on a tour or make them enrol in a summer camp and there would still be enough time left on your hands before schools reopen. Children can create havoc if they remain idle or can’t find ways to keep selves busy. A pool party during such circumstances can be a saving grace.

A kids’ pool party can be an innovative way of bringing all your kid’s friends under one umbrella, literally speaking, without letting them run amok in your house. Just a smattering of creativity coupled with a little meticulous planning will go a long way in helping you to see through the event from start to finish without much ado. The idea is to keep kids occupied and planning a pool party would be your best bet if you really want to keep them busy. Most people would find such a proposition outrageous but instead of getting carried away by other people, you should focus on what would be the best technique of entertainment for your kid.

If you conduct a survey, you’d find that a merrymaking or bash arranged around a swimming pool or a body of water will be preferred nine out of ten times. Even if you don’t have access to a pool you can still pull off a kid’s pool party with élan as you can always make arrangements for a makeshift puddle or pond and keep all party supplies handy. The subsequent lines will stress on some Pool Party Ideas for Kids and how to effectively make plans for one so that all the kids really splash out and have a whale of a time.


What You’d Need to Ensure before You Can Start Planning

Before you can start scheduling on the key aspects connected with the kids’ revelries around the pool, you’d need to be particular about security. Kids and water make for a very explosive cocktail. Things can suddenly take a turn for the worse when you’re busy making preparations to serve food or engaged in some other activity that disbars you from supervising the kids.

Since you won’t be able to stop the kids from jumping in and out of the pool, you’d certainly need helping hands. You’d need to solicit the help of other adults as it won’t be singlehandedly possible for you to run errands and keep an eye on the children simultaneously. As long as children are strutting or frolicking around the pool or playing all sorts of water games, the risk for catastrophes or disasters befalling them always exist.

Get two or three of your closest friends or neighbours who’d have the time and willingness to standby and watch the kids while you’re busy with making last minute preparations for pool party foods and games. Once you convince some adults or elderly persons who’re related to the kids invited to the party to keep watch, you’d feel mentally relieved.

1. Pool Party Games

Of all the pool party ideas including decorations or invitations, you’d get the maximum chance and leverage to express your creativity in the pool games. Talking about pool games for kids, there are in fact thousands of different kinds of games.  There are numerous new and innovative variations of the pool games that you might have played when you were a kid.

You have an endless variety of games to choose from-boat races, water polo, relay races, watermelon or pumpkin push relay, Marco Polo, Mermaid swim races and so on. You’d have to select and systematize the games keeping in mind two aspects. Firstly, find out well in advance if all the invited kids have some swimming abilities or are comfortable taking to water.

If not, then you’ll either have to select games that don’t require them to go deep down into the water or you’ll have to make provisions for keeping the deeper end out of their bounds. Secondly, you should choose games that everybody finds engrossing and allow everybody to participate.

For the kids’ pool party games, you might need to rent lawn chairs and umbrellas, pop-up marquees, makeshift kiddie pool, beach balls, water polo net, shovels, sand pails, sunscreens, and so on.

2. Food

A kids’ pool party can provide you with the opportunity to showcase your culinary creativeness. You can go for an eclectic menu and make it thematic so that it is appealing to the kinds. Starting from food plates and napkins to cups and saucers, you can go for a unique theme for all your pool party food supplies.

There are ideas galore as far as food items are concerned. You can base your food supplies on a marine theme. Have the cookies or cup cakes shaped like starfish or octopus and extend the motif to other supplies as well. Or, you can make them compete for their snacks.

For instance, you can throw some specially marked coins or other tokens that’ll submerge into the water (take care to throw them at the shallowest end of the pool). Mark all food items or preparations that match with coin etchings. Make each kid take a dip in the pool and let him or her come up with a coin.

The marking or etching should be such that it does not reveal what food item it is matched with. This will keep them hooked on to the game. Cover all your food items with a tablecloth and after all of them have retrieved a coin, take off the cloth and let them see for themselves what food item they’ve won.

3. Keeping Your House in Order

One good reason why you organized a pool party for the children was to keep your house out of reach from their marauding advances. It would be quite normal on their part to come rushing into the house and sprawl out on the sofa or put the TV on with their soiled hands. Even sauntering about the house would make the floor dirty.

You can ease things up and make it more convenient for the kids (and for everybody else present) if you update the kids about the dos’ and don’ts of the party much before it starts. Make it very clear to the kids that under no circumstances will they be allowed to step inside the house while the party’s on except when they don’t want to play anymore. A kid’s pool party by its very nature is supposed to be held outdoors and so you should organize one in a similar manner.

Finally, at the cost of reiteration, make it a point to station at least one or two adults (they could be parents of the invited kids) by the poolside as long as the kids are inside the pool or playing near it.

After all, safety and security of all the kids always comes first.

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