Plan The Perfect Family Picnic

Planning a picnic with your family is the perhaps the best way to connect with your spouse and kids. In fact a picnic would possibly be the most cost-effective means of sharing some quality time with your family if you could make plans for the same in advance. Given the depressive state of the economy, a majority of families these days are not able to afford even a single yearly vacation. Gone are the days when one could leave for an extended holiday with his or her family in tow.

However, economic constraints can never hold you back if you sincerely want to have a whale of a time with your kids and have unalloyed fun with your family. Therefore, judging from the above perspective, a picnic would seem to be the natural choice for spending precious moments with your family. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy an immaculate picnic, you’ll have to start making arrangements for the same, well in advance. You’ll have to take care of the following aspects.

Plan the perfect family picnic

1. Planning For a Picnic with Your Family

If you’re planning for a picnic only with your spouse, then things are quite simple. However, if you want to take your entire family out for a picnic, then evidently you’d have to plan in a more comprehensive manner. At first, you’d have to make a list of the number of people attending the picnic and their respective ages.

Thereafter, you’d have to review all the picnic spots that are close by and select the one that’d be suitable in all respects for all the picnic attendees. Prior to taking an ultimate decision about the setting, you’d have to find out whether the same would be available on the day of your picnic. The convenient access routes to the spot would also have to be explored in advance.

You’ll have to gather information regarding the items or provisions that you’re allowed to take inside the premises. You’ll have to visit the spot beforehand to see whether everybody would be able to sit down comfortably and relax for the entire period of the picnic. Finally, you’ll have to discuss with your family about the period of the day that’d be ideal for a picnic. You’ll need to consider the mealtimes, nap periods, and other routine ablutions of your family. After you’re done with choosing the spot and deciding on the date, just stick to the following tips on planning the perfect family picnic

2. Plan Well Ahead

The very objective behind taking a picnic is to unwind and relax. So, if you can make the necessary arrangements at least a week before the D-day, you’d be able to ensure a pleasure-filled picnic for your entire family. However, planning in advance does not entail over straining yourself and being fastidious about every aspect.

The very idea of planning ahead is to make sure that nothing goes amiss during your picnicking hours. You’d just need to plan at your own pace. For instance, pack enough food that’d last for the entire period you remain on the spot.

Also see to it that the food items that you pack remain fresh and edible. Carry enough toys so that the kids remain occupied and don’t get bored. Taking these small or little decisions a little ahead will noticeably make a huge difference.

3. Ensure That the Surroundings are Scenic and Verdant

Governments all over the world have woken up to the need to protect the environment. In your search for an ideal picnic spot, you’re most likely to come across many parks and gardens where innumerable trees and plants have been planted giving them a green cover. The botanical gardens and nature parks in the city serve as the ‘lungs of the city’.

These parks serve as good picnicking spots. The bigger ones that also happen to be more verdant and picturesque are usually located on the periphery of a town or city. Being situated outside the city proper, these spots are safe from the adverse effects of environmental degradation.

Before you pick a spot, just ascertain whether the place has even spaces so that everybody can sit down with ease. Also ensure that the area or space is flat enough so that you can keep all your goods comfortably. A sea beach or a farmhouse can also provide the perfect background for a picnic.

4. Be Creative with Food Items

When it comes to picnic food, it is always better to opt for items that do not make you feel heavy after a meal. However, there are an almost endless range of items that you can select from-sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, fruits, cookies, dry fruits, lemonade, lean meat pies, pizzas, and so on. Most of these items can be conveniently bought from your local grocery store though you’d get more varieties in a supermarket.

However, it you want to make your picnic a memorable one so that you can reminisce about it for years to come then you should be a little creative. For instance, prepare some items in your home. You can go online in search of some excellent recipes or you can ask your friends or relatives for suggestions.

5. Packing Your Food Methodically

You’d have to be careful about packing your food items in a very scientific and controlled manner so that they remain fresh for a long time. Pack your food in baskets that can be hermetically sealed or use ice chests. Do not forget to pack forks, spoons, knives, plates, disposable cups and saucers, paper napkins, recyclable waste bags, and all other essentials.

It’s better not to carry any article made of glass or plastic as such items are prohibited in most parks and gardens. Do not forget to include a sheet or blanket for your picnic. See if you can carry folding chairs or a makeshift table.

6. Don’t Forget To Pack All Your Safety Items

It goes without saying that when you are picnicking out in the open, you expose yourself to the elements. Then again, there is every possibility of kids hurting themselves while playing or gamboling. So you should invariably include safety items on your ‘must have’ picnic list. You must surely include band-aids, sunscreen lotions, hand sanitizers, bug repellents, paper napkins, and sun caps.

7. Planning For Games

You can choose from a range of games and pleasure activities that will help the kids to keep them engaged. And if the kids remain busy with themselves, you’ll also be able to enjoy and relax in your own way. There are a lot of activities and games for grown-ups that you can select for the elder members in your family. Grab a heady bottle of wine or whiskey that’ll cheer up your spirits while you reminisce about the times you’ve spent together as a family.

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