Places to Take Her For The First Date

First impression is the last impression. The first step that one takes towards a relationship will determine the success and happiness in the relationship. The places you go for your first date will determine the fate of your relationship. The right way to kick-start any new relationship involves a meticulous approach. A casual approach will not go down well with your date. Every relationship is special, and in order to keep them that way, you need to be very careful and sensitive about small things.

You may be going out on a date and are wondering where to take her. The answer lies not in your worries but in your approach. As you read this article, you will find out about the different places you can take her. There are many different places to take her for the first date. The place has to be carefully selected. Again, a meticulous approach will help you win the heart of your date. A relationship needs to be started with your best foot forward. This article will help in doing just that. If you honestly and carefully apply the suggestions given in this article, then you can be sure of a loving and happy relationship.

first date places

1. Precision:

A relationship involves two hearts. If you are planning for the date, then be very careful. It all starts with your selection of place for the date. It is always better to choose a place that is neutral. Don’t choose a place which is too crowded. Choose a place that is quiet and where you both get time and space to talk to each other.

However, a place which is very lonely will not work well for the first date. Instead choose a place that has people but not too many. When selecting the menu, remember to ask her favorite cuisine too. If you are taking her out to a restaurant, the place should not be too pricey or too meagre.

With these few things in mind, you both can enjoy a fun-filled date together.

2. Coffee Shop:

The idea of going to a coffee shop is old but it works well even today. When going to a coffee shop, remember to choose the one that is friendly and has a good ambience. It should be comfortable as it is your first date and you both need to talk to each other. As they say “A lot can happen over coffee”, a lot can be talked about over a cup of cappuccino. A coffee shop, which has lounge, will also work well as it will give you a good chance to talk to her. Try coffee with cake and your better-half is impressed.

3. Restaurant:

This venue can be a little clichéd, if you try the same old technique. Be a little innovative; choose a nice rooftop restaurant that has open seating. Feel the cool breeze and the date turns into a romantic one. Accompanied with good food and a drink of her choice, she is sure to be lured.

You can try looking for a place that has live kitchens. You both can see the food being cooked. It is a great way to spend time together. Good food makes conversations interesting, for that – choose a theme based restaurant.

4. Lake By My Side:

There’s nothing better than nature by your side. Love and nature, a date filled by these two vitals will definitely be a landmark in your relationship. Look for a calm serene lake nearby and take your girlfriend there. Take a walk by the lake, talk and express yourself.

A great idea could be to plan a picnic with her by the lake. Pack her favorite food, put on your shades and take her out for a picnic to spend some quality time with her.

5. Beach Love:

This will add more love and romance to your first date. A walk by the beach side is counted as one of the best place to go for a date. As the water touches your feet and breeze embraces your face, you will find yourself lost in a dream-like world. As the evening sets in and you watch the rising and falling waves dancing in the moonlight, you will find your own symphony; a moonlight sonata.

Beach is the perfect place to take your date. The whole ambience is going to be so mesmerising and natural that it will make her instantly fall in love with you.

6. Twisting By The Pool:

If you can’t go to a beach, then, how about twisting by the pool? A pool-side date is considered to be very romantic. You can take your date out for a pool-side dinner. Many restaurants support this idea and so finding a table by the pool will not be an uphill task.

7. Jingle All The Way:

If your date is a music fan, then take her to a music concert. If she is into classical stuff, then you can take her for any Beethoven or Mozart recital or if she’s a rock music fan then you can take her to a rock concert. Music is always considered to be a safe bet. Taking your date out for a music concert would ensure that your efforts don’t go waste. As she drenches herself in the symphonies and opens her heart to the music, you can tell her about your feelings for her. 7 out of 10 people prefer to propose in a music concert.

8. Personalised Candle-Light Dinner:

Nothing is more romantic than a candle-light dinner and a personalised candle light dinner is sure to add more romance to your love life. Plan it for your partner and make her feel very special.  Get creative and decorate the terrace of your home. Put in all the things you need and get some red wine. A great idea would be to cook yourself and make her favorite dishes.

During the dinner, play some light symphonies and make her feel on the top of the world. Your first date is sure to become a success.

9. Pub:

A pub is a cool place to hang out. If your girlfriend likes music and dancing, then take her out to a nice pub. There will be music and dance. If you both are comfortable in drinking then go ahead. You both can try dancing together and spend quality time.

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