Places to Meet Single Parents

Life as a single parent can be really tough in today’s halter-shelter world. In case you’re a single parent, perhaps nobody would know better than you, how suffocating it can get at times to go on from one day to another all by yourselves. You realize every moment that upbringing your kid(s) would have been a breeze had there been someone in your life to lend you a helping hand. As a single parent, the loneliness and void in your life can really get to you.

The very feeling that you’re alone can make you more tired than the exhaustion that is caused by caring for your kids. As a single parent tending to your kids can be so physically and emotionally draining that you’ll gradually start losing the zest and enthusiasm to enjoy your own life. Becoming withdrawn and socially inactive can make you a misfit of sorts that can have a detrimental effect on your kid(s). However, that’s the worst case scenario, and being a responsible individual and parent, you certainly won’t let things go that far.

Remember, it’s totally up to you to create the right sort of circumstances for having the social life you desire. But most single parents’ keep lamenting that they can’t find enough time to go out and socialize after providing for their children. After dropping off kids to school, getting ready for office, and attending to several other errands, single parents simply do not have the time or willingness to find someone to go on a date with. If you feel that you’re not left with sufficient time or energy to go looking for a partner, then remember that some places which you visit routinely, can be ideal settings for chancing across someone. Check out if you regularly visit the following Places to Meet Single Parents.

Places to Meet Single Parents

 1. The Gymnasium or the Fitness Center

As a single parent, you have to be on your toes for the better part of the day. Right from the moment when you get up in the morning till the time when you go back to bed, there’s so much you have to attend to. Needless to say, you’d have to maintain your health and well being, to remain active.

Therefore, you make it a point to hit the gym to keep yourself fit as a fiddle. Of all the places where chances of bumping into single parents are quite bright, the gym undoubtedly is one of the best of spots. If you happen to go to the health center at least four days in a week, chances are that you follow a regular time schedule.

That means you come face to face with the same people who also visit the gym at your timings. Seeing your gym colleagues regularly sets the tone for striking up a dialogue. Breaking into a conversation with your gym associates whenever you take a break from your exercising sessions helps you to get familiar with them.

Such casual banters and chitchats prepare the ground for developing an association with someone who has similar likes and dislikes as yours.  The upside of working out in a gym is that you don’t have to spare extra time to find a new soul mate for your life. You get the opportunity of establishing a liaison while you’re running on the treadmill or picking up the dumbbells.

2. Art or Language Classes

If you’re really keen about finding someone to spend your quality time with, you’d have to go social. There are innumerable ways of getting gregarious if you indeed care to. You can consider registering for an art or painting course or enroll for wildlife photography course. You can also make good use of your leisure time by signing up for language classes or trying to learn the ropes of ballroom dancing or salsa.

The idea is to not only chance across someone that shares your interests and disinterests but also gain knowledge of something new. Again, you won’t have to worry about extracting time from your daily schedule for pursuing your interest as classes are normally held during the weekends. Things become more convenient if you sign up to attend classes for something you already have an inclination for like playing a musical instrument or aerobics.

3. Neighborhood Parks or Playgrounds

As a parent, you surely are in the habit of taking your kid or toddler to the park or playground in your neighborhood. You know that your kid waits for you expectantly every evening to take him to the local playground. So, despite your hectic schedule, you rarely miss out on accompanying your kid to the children’s park.

Whenever you visit these playing fields, you find the entire area teeming with children along with their parents. With a bit of luck, you’re most likely to run into other single parents carting their kids in perambulators or helping them slide through the slip. If you’re a little optimistic, you’re sure to meet many married couples who have friends and acquaintances that are single. Contrary to your expectations, they’d rather be too happy to hook you up with their single friends.

4. Alfresco Musical Shows and Outdoor Concerts

No matter wherever you stay, you’ll see musical soirees and live concerts being held in open spaces and green parks in your locality. Generally, these musical shows and events are staged in the summer months and have free entry. The environment surrounding these shows has a laid back and carefree ring to it. You’ll find many people either sprawled out on the greens with their kids or children or swinging to the musical beats. These events, more often, last for long hours that give you more than sufficient time to get social with individuals, many of whom might be a single mother or father like you.

5. The Internet

If you happen to go online in your search for a like-minded person who can offer you company when you feel lonesome, you’ll find the net swarming with dating sites. Online dating sites have mushroomed in the past few years, many of them with dubious reputations. However, you can always log in to some portals just to check out their offers.

Some dating sites charge you a fee or subscription for joining as a member. Online dating definitely is the most convenient and fastest way to find single people with whom you can at least buddy up and keep your loneliness at bay. Furthermore, online dating portals offer you the expediency of socializing with someone who hails from the same community as yours, belongs to your age group and also is in the same profession as yours. Online dating perfectly suits those who keep grousing that they don’t have enough time to be sociable even despite their eagerness.

6. The Grocery

It might sound a little hackneyed to suggest that a grocery outlet would be a good place to find your partner when there are so many other prospective spots. Many single parents who might baulk at the idea would be surprised to know that many single moms and dads have met their match in as innocuous and mundane a place like a grocery store. You can make out whether a person is single or married by taking a good look at his or her shopping cart. If the shopping cart is almost brimming with items, the person either has a large family to provide for or is making arrangements for a get-together. And in case you’re a sworn meat eater, you’ll certainly not like to team up with someone whose cart is full of vegetarian items.

7. Weekly Agricultural and Farmers’ Markets

You’ve a good chance of an encounter with someone with whom you can hit off almost instantly, in a farmers market. Farmers and agriculturists sell off their farm produce almost every weekend, especially during the summer and spring months. If you like to drop in at such markets on a consistent basis to buy fresh vegetables at down to earth prices, you’ll see many familiar faces. So, why not get friendly with someone while you shop for fresh vegetables with your kid? You never know that person might end up becoming your new arm candy.               

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