Places Not To Go On A Date

Dates are usually very delicate matters and you need to be very careful when you decide to take someone out for an enjoyable evening. Rather than having a pleasant date, there is a lot of awkward potential for it to go wrong. The important thing about the date is the venue that you prefer for your date. When choosing a venue for a romantic night, keep it simple and let it talk about your personality. Try and choose a place where you both feel comfortable and can have some room for yourself. Try and avoid places that are new to you and are always engaged with people around you. In this article we will be discussing some of the most common places where you should never go on a date.

Places not to go on a date

Art Museums:-

Going to a museum might be good option if you are going out with your kids on an educational trip, but not perfect option to choose it as a dating venue. You might be someone who enjoys museums but unless you are sure about your partner’s interests. One thing that you should not do when it comes to choose a dating venue is that you don’t push your luck. Instead, try to take your partner to a neutral place. Your date is the time when you spend the time knowing each other and sharing thoughts about your relationship. Going to museum will rather be complementing the great art work of the masters.. Even though it will give the two of you something to talk about, unless she shows an equal interest, your knowledge about the place might portray you as a blabbering show off.

A loud Bar

What does your experience tell you about a bar? Generally a bar is place where you go out with your friend for some drinks and listen to loud music.  A bar has people with varying personalities, screaming everywhere you look and music blasting from all sides. So it is definitely not an ideal place for a date. Bars can be more preferred to in order to meet women but once you do meet someone, keep yourself away from the bar for dates. It’s fine to stop for a drink before some other event, but bars are loud and annoying and they don’t encourage talking. They encourage drinking. Taking a woman to a bar will make her think you’re trying to get her drunk.

Movie theater

Taking out your lover on a date for a movie, practically has no creativity whatsoever. If it’s your first date then be sure that you don’t select a movie theater as a dating venue. It’s so very simple, if you’re going to a movie on a date, you’re not going for the date as you’re going for the movie in a better way. The point of a date is to get to know somebody, to talk, to make a connection. You simply can’t do that while you’re watching a movie. When you go out on a date to a movie theater you are probably going to spend your two lame hours starring at the screen, not having a conversation at all. There might be problem with movie that it may contain some adult scenes or even more awkward scenes.

Theme restaurants

Theme restaurants are nice as long as the theme suits your lady’s mood. Once you get to know her a lot better and understand what she likes, you can take her to those places but for the time being, avoid theme restaurants. Restaurants are places where a man’s inability to control himself gets the best of him. No woman wants to go on a date with a man she has never met and be trapped with him for two or three hours. No man should think that he’s interesting enough to keep a woman seated at a table for two or three hours. Just imagine how would it look like, you on a date in a themed restaurant where the waiters are dressed up in funny cartoon costumes.

Ex Dating place

Worse than being trapped inside your car is to take your date to a place where you use to go with your ex. Do you want the last thing to happen to you, while you’re trying to get to know a new guy is for your ex to come strolling in? You might love the go-to spot you went to with your last boyfriend, but if there is any risk of him coming in, you don’t want to take that chance. A good date usually doesn’t involve a run-in with someone you used to date, so just avoid that scenario all together.  Facing your ex and then introducing him to your date feels quite stubborn, doesn’t it. Just remember that you are on a date to know each other not to introduce your exes to your date.

Party at your friends place

Parties can be a fun place to hang out with someone or to catch up with your friends but it’s definitely a bad place for a date. Not only will there be no opportunities for you to communicate with her but either of you might find yourselves more distracted than usual owing to numerous people around you. A party is just not a place where you can spend some quality time with your girlfriend. If he hasn’t met any of your friends yet, then taking him somewhere full of people he doesn’t know might be a bad idea. He may be outgoing and into meeting new people, but if you’re talking to everyone but him, the date isn’t going to go very well.

Football Match

Sports are enjoyed by all people alike but women usually don’t appreciate it as much as the men do so steer clear of taking her to watch a game. Even if she likes sports, she might be rooting for the other team so things might get scary from there. This one is from my own experience. On a weekend I took my girlfriend for a football match. I was too excited about the match and even my date. Till the half time my team was already four goals down. I was totally shattered and disappointed and it really ruined that beautiful evening that I could have enjoyed with my date. So always advisable, never pick any sport event for your dating venue.

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