Pick Up Lines To Use on Guys

Talking about love affairs and romantic relationships, it is always men who have taken the first step towards paving the way for an association. It is always men who have walked up to women and have tried to break the ice by using all sorts of pick up lines as a way of flirting. Women, too, down the ages have been indoctrinated and accustomed to believe that it is men who ought to make the first move.

However, with rapid progress in all walks of human life and gender equality almost becoming a reality, stereotypical thinking is also undergoing radical change. In other words, our approaches and attitudes towards everything and everybody are being redefined. Nowadays, many women are shaking off their inhibitions and turning the tables by using pick up lines on guys most of which are worth a recall.

So don’t be surprised if one of these days, a woman walks up to you and quite boldly and amorously whispers something funny in your ear or says a pick up line that leaves you in splits. In fact, men who’re forward thinking will simply relish the idea of a woman taking the initiative to flirt with them.

For all those women who seem to be puzzled as to why men don’t approach them or flirt with them, the answer lies in upping the ante and approaching the men instead. Courtships rules have changed and will keep changing. Since it is always men who have made the first move, it goes without saying that they’ve also borne the maximum brunt of rejections. Women have been luckier in this regard.

Granted, it is still a men’s world but the rules that dictate the affairs of the heart are changing. Men, it seems are becoming more modest and reserved whereas women are becoming more outgoing and gregarious. Men and women as distinct genders are switching and exchanging their roles that had long been established and entrenched by way of tradition.

So ‘pick up lines’ that have nearly been the exclusive preserve of the menfolk for ages, are increasingly being used by women who are seen as daring and not shy of approaching the guys who seem to catch their fancy and also seem to share their likes and dislikes. Pick up lines can be best defined as conversation starters and harnessing them can go a long way in boosting one’s self-esteem.

Nevertheless, if as a woman you’re at your wits’ end as to why guys haven’t asked you out yet, then stop worrying and rather turn the tables by using pick up lines as darts on someone you’ve taken a fancy to. But before you can start using them, you’d need to stand in front of the mirror and keep rehearsing the lines again and again till you instinctively feel that you can use them in public. Watch your body language while you rehearse as your non-verbal communication is also going to make a big difference. Following are some Pick up lines to use on Guys to the best of your advantage or use simply to break the ice and get a conversation kick-started.


Here are The Pick up Lines to Use on Guys

  1. I am ——– and I’m sure your name would be as masculine as you look.
  2. I can tell that your father is an explosives specialist from your eyes.
  3. Have you swallowed the sun? You’re making me feel hot.
  4. I think I need to get my eyes checked up. I just can’t seem to take my eyes off from you.
  5. I would have always put ‘U’ before ‘I’ if I could rewrite the alphabets in my own way.
  6. Want to date me? This moment will be gone for good and you’ll repent not having asked me out.
  7. You look so familiar. Are you related to Tom Hanks in any way? Or Richard Gere?
  8. You must be exhausted, as you’ve been chasing me in my dreams all night long.
  9. I’ve a gut feeling that you’re going to be my next arm candy.
  10. My coyness is preventing me from revealing the name of a girl who has fallen for you.
  11. Get out of my dreams and get into my room.
  12. You’re scorching me more than sunburns.
  13. I’m a tarot card reader and I can see that you’re going to ask me for a date. It’s in the cards.
  14. Would you care to join me for dinner tonight at my place? I really make good hamburgers and I bet I’ll have you eating out of my hands.
  15. You look so handsome and gorgeous. I’m sure I’m not the first one to have fallen for you.
  16. Where had you been so long? You sure took your time for coming into my life.
  17. Do you hit the gym regularly? You look robust enough to take me in your arms.
  18. Care to join me for a drink?
  19. Don’t tell that you’re a vegetarian.
  20. Am I in heaven? Because I feel I am looking at an angel.
  21. I am yet to come across a better-looking hunk than you. God must have taken extra care to create you.
  22. You’re so hot that you’re one of the major causes of global warming.
  23. Are you from some other planet? Because there’s no one like you in this world.
  24. I have a feeling that I’ve seen you in a movie. Do you have a fan club?
  25. Promise to date if I don’t get your name right. Is your name George by any chance?
  26. Would it be too much if I ask you to give me a peck on my cheek? I just cannot wait to tell everybody that I’ve been kissed by a seraph.
  27. Would you mind calling a doctor as I feel my heart has stopped beating after my eyes fell on you?
  28. Your eyes have revealed everything to me excepting your name.

Many of the above pickup lines may be too candid or hard hitting but you can carry them off smartly depending on your personality and your ability to choose the right occasion to use them.

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