Interesting and Innovative Persuasive Speech Topics For College Students

The time you spend in college is one of the most enjoyable and intellectually empowering periods of your life. Nothing can stand in its comparison. Ask anyone who has been to a college and you will find amazing appreciative responses from all of them. A college teaches us a lot about life and so do college students to others. Well, those of you who haven’t guessed it till now, we are talking about college functions where students get to express their views, ideas and opinions on topics that touch the life of people in various ways through speeches. Speeches have the power to influence people to change their behavior, attitude and thinking.

Giving a speech is something that all of us enjoy but when it comes to the number of audience that a speaker can address, the choices differ. Some like to say things to just one person while some are comfortable only in the group of their friends and familiar faces but there are also some souls who can influence a large gathering with their speech power. Well, not everyone can address a gathering with confidence but is it right to back out or make excuses if you are asked to deliver a speech as a college student? You must consider yourself lucky if you are getting such an opportunity because it will do wonderful things to your personality. Your confidence and ego will get a classic boost if you manage to make your mark on the dais.

Getting nervous is not the solution. You can find remedy in the form of persuasive speech topics for college students. Persuasion is a powerful form of communication. It can induce people to undertake actions or change their beliefs and thoughts. Isn’t it great? What can be more electrifying than to see people change their thoughts and ideas after listening to you? So, don’t get goose bumps if you have been chosen to deliver a speech. You have it in you to deliver a good one because here we will provide you with a list that has got all kinds of persuasive speech topics for college students. It covers all kinds of genres such as social issues, environmental topics, interesting subjects, work and business topics. Have a look.

Persuasive Speech Topics For College Students

Social Topics

Such topics cover a lot of dimensions and you can easily find quality matter on these issues. They have the ability to catch the interest of the audience in an instant because they relate to the things that people face in their everyday life. When you prepare your speech on such topics you must incorporate examples that strike a chord with people. If you give solutions, they must be effective and real.

  1. Should abortion be abolished
  2. Gay marriage and its impact on people
  3. Family planning and measures to control population
  4. Reasons behind increasing violence in kids
  5. Cyber crimes and steps to control them
  6. Rise in number of single parents
  7. Reasons behind increasing number of divorces and how to curb them
  8. Rise in number of extra marital affairs
  9. How to bring down family violence
  10. Negative impact of celebrities on teenagers and children
  11. The correct way to groom your child
  12. How to maintain a good standard of lifestyle in the face of rising inflation and cost of living
  13. Dealing with teenage issues
  14. How to deal with family problems
  15. Demise of moral values in society
  16. Rising anger and aggression among kids
  17. Threat of HIV/AIDS and steps to control it
  18. Censorship of media channels
  19. Should advertising standards be set
  20. Curbing drug addiction and substance abuse


Environmental Issues

Our environment is in danger and everybody knows it. “Save the Environment” is a global concern and people are very much interested in speeches that harp on issues related to environment.  While preparing a speech on environment, it would do you good if you talk about authentic data and viable steps that can be undertaken to protect our earth.

  1. How to make sustainable development a reality
  2. Disposable of plastic material and non-renewable waste
  3. The demerits of using nuclear energy
  4. How to encourage people to minimize consumption and adopt environment-friendly lifestyle
  5. How to sensitize children to environment conservation
  6. Impact of oil spills in seas and oceans
  7. How to curb the negative effects of industrialization
  8. Controlling air, noise, water, soil and other kinds of pollution
  9. How to increase green cover on earth
  10. Ways to promote recycling
  11. Controlling ozone depletion
  12. Cash crops and their impact on environment
  13. Action plan for controlling global warming
  14. How to tap the potential of solar energy and make it viable for all
  15. Should nuclear powers destroy their nuclear weapons


Work and Business

Our life revolves around work and business because they are the ones that provide us with means to lead our lives. The present day work environment is very dynamic and a lot of changes keep coming in on a daily basis. So, issues that touch this subject can easily grab the attention and interest of the audience. Speeches that are centered on these subjects sound very persuasive if they include case studies.

  1. How to maintain work-life balance
  2. Curbing the negative effects of rat race
  3. Immigration and its impact on employment opportunities of local people
  4. How to keep your moral up in times of recession or when you are jobless
  5. Choosing the right career from so many options
  6. Ergonomics in workplace
  7. Stress at workplace and ways to minimize it
  8. Corporate social responsibility
  9. Running successful online retail shops and businesses
  10. Managing differences between employees at workplace
  11. How to hire the right employees and ascertain their authenticity
  12. Maintaining employee retention
  13. Handling issues related to incentives, bonuses and increments
  14. Knowledge management in an organization
  15. How to minimize cases of misuse of patents
  16. Customer relationship management
  17. Work-from-home opportunities and issues related to them


Interesting/Amusing Subjects

These topics are light-hearted and curiosity-arousing in nature. They are not serious stuff. So, you must make such a speech that tickles the funny bone of the people and leaves them asking for more.

  1. Is there life after death
  2. Do ghosts and supernatural elements really exist
  3. How to become successful at internet dating
  4. Why do men need women in their lives or vice versa
  5. Should euthanasia be universally legalized
  6. Advantages of learning cooking
  7. Perks of being a housewife
  8. How to impress women
  9. Is astrology real
  10. The trick to becoming smart and cool
  11. How to make most out of watching movies
  12. The perfect entertainment plan
  13. Why men are from Mars and women from Venus


These persuasive speech topics for college students, as is evident, have given you enough food for thought regarding the subject matter. We have also told you what would make your speech rock. So, we are sure you would not be feeling those goose bumps now. Just get started and research all the information sources that can give you ideas on these persuasive speech topics. Jot them down and give it a structured shape. Voila! Your speech is ready to be delivered.

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