Persuasive Essay Topics For Kids

The impact of words used in a creative and persuasive way can never be underestimated. It is said that words are the most powerful tool in the world. Still, how many times do we see people making correct use of their words? It is very important for kids to understand the power of words, so that when they grow up, they use them wisely. If you are looking for some persuasive essay topics for kids, then this article is for you. In this article, we shall discuss about the topics that can be easily picked up by children, so that they are able to speak or write about them.

A topic has to be chosen very carefully. Instead of choosing a topic that is too difficult for the kids to follow, make sure you choose topics for them that are easy and something they can relate to. When kids become comfortable with a topic, only then will they be able to present their essay in a persuasive way. In persuasive essays, one has to counter other’s point of view with their point of view. So, complete knowledge of the topic is very important and that will be possible only when the kid is comfortable with the topic.

Mentioned below are some topics that will help your kids to develop persuasive skills.

Persuasive essay topics for kids

1. Less Homework

Now this topic is something that every kid will be able to relate to. Every kid dreams of having less homework. You can help your child with this topic by first understanding their point of view. You can hear what they have to say and help them to put it in words in a creative way. Help them to put forward their views in a persuasive way.

2. Extra Curricular Activities

The role of extracurricular activities in the lives of children is very important. As the focus is more on education, the role of extracurricular activities is almost negligible. Try to ask your child for his views on the same and help him/ her to prepare an essay for the same.

3. Pay for Good Grades

Should kids with good grades be appreciated by getting paid, as a token of appreciation? We all know the importance of appreciation in our lives. It is very important for us to motivate, encourage and appreciate a child for a good deed. Ask your child what he/ she have to say about this and help them to prepare an essay topic. Make sure you that help them to note down their views properly.

4. More Holidays

Ask your child, if he/ she feels the need of more holidays in a year than what is being given to them and why. Since it is a persuasive essay topics, the views of your child is of paramount importance. Ask them what all they could do, if they are granted more holidays in a year? Try to make your child open up and share his/ her views openly. This will not only help in preparing an essay topic, but also make your child comfortable in sharing his/ her thoughts with you.

5. Late School Timing

We have often heard children complaining that they wished that the school day started a little late. Ask your child how it would make him/ her feel if the school day started later? What if they get to sleep as long as they want and still not miss school? Help them to open up and share their views. Ask them to note down the points and then you can help them to prepare an essay. Make sure that the emphasis should be on, why your child thinks that the school days started later?

6. Change the World

Can children actually change the world and make it a better place? Do adults have to learn about love, forgiveness, faith etc. from children? We have often heard the saying that children are the future of our country, yet how many times do we learn or listen to them? Ask your child if he or she thinks that it is important that adults should take their words and views seriously? Help them to note down the points and then construct a good persuasive essay.

7. Too much Money: Good or Bad?

Is too much money good or bad for a person? Ask your kid, what he or she has to say about this. The answer to this question may vary from kids to kids. However, make sure that you ask them for a valid reason for what they think. In a persuasive essay, your opinion or views alone do not matter. You need to back your opinion or views with some concrete reasons. Reasoning plays a very important role in a persuasive essay topic. This will help your child to develop his or her own thinking.

8. Pets in School

We have often heard that pets are more close to human beings than most of their friends and family. People, especially kids have a special attachment with pets. Should pets be allowed in school?  Ask your child if he or she thinks that taking their pets to school would be a great idea? Ask them to reason as to why they think what they think and then help them to construct proper sentences for the essay. As they note down the points and share their views, you will understand your kid better and bring you closer to them.

9. No Weekly Tests

Weekly tests in schools help the faculty to make sure that the school curriculum is properly followed and kids are well versed with every subject. But the views of your kid may differ from that of school. To your kid, it may be troublesome as the starting of every week is greeted by a test. Ask your child how he or she would feel if there were no weekly tests? Weekly tests help them to prepare for the main exams, so if the weekly tests are removed, will they still be able to prepare well for the main exams? Help them to share their views openly and encourage them to back it with concrete reasoning.

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