How to Change Wallpaper on an iPad

Apple iPad is one of its kind with all its features like spiff, simplicity, functionality and above all the perfect flawless screen resolution. It comes with many pre-installed wallpapers that judging by the Apple standard, do iPad and its users justice. But for us mere humans, change is a necessary impulse, regardless of the beauty

10 Coolest iPad Stands

After spending a significant amount of money on your iPad and then protecting it with a suitable protective case, the next logical thing to do is, equip it with a standard cool stand. There are many cool accessories available in the market for iPad ranging from retro gaming mods to complex mini choppers, but an

10 Most Useful Productivity Apps for iPad

Most of you might not have your iPads with you all the time, but some do. Some use it for multimedia content while others like to use it as a work tool as well as for fun and entertainment. The use of iPad or other electronic devices depends upon the personality of its user. Today,

The 10 Best iPad Car Holders

Apple iPad besides being a status symbol is also a productive work horse best suited for work on the go. Apple iPad is also extensively used for entertainment experience, especially because of its nice battery backup and adequate features it can provide to satisfy any user type. There are many accessories available for iPad that

10 Best Money Management Apps for iPad

Appleā€™s iPad app store is still in its initial stage and new apps are constantly pouring in to increase the iPad apps inventory. We all are well aware of the fact that all the iPhone apps work smoothly on the iPad but since the iPad screen is bigger, the resolution gets a little blurry. The

10 Best TV Apps for iPad

Apple iPad changed the way we perceive and use Tablets especially with its exclusive features, battery back up, power, style, portability and most of all the amazing apps it can run without showing a sign of regression. We can now even edit PowerPoint docs right on our iPads. Although, there are many options you can

How to Edit PowerPoint Documents on an iPad

Whether you are a new iPad user or have been using it for quite a while now, sometimes you just have to view or edit computer files like Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets or PowerPoint Presentations. There are a lot of iPad Apps available on the App store that let you edit MS Word or Excel