10 Best iPad Carrying Cases

iPad tablet is considered the leading tablet around the entire world. Fully packed with the new technologies it is the road opener for this consumer electronics segment. Throughout the time Apple struggled to make it’s iPad as thinner as possible. But there is a downside: with the reducing of thickness the product gets more vulnerable

Which iPad Should I Buy – A Complete Guide for iPad Buyers

Apple users are always really faithful. It’s not because they are really sentimental, it’s just because once you use an Apple device nothing else seems nearly as good. But just choosing the company to buy from is barely the job done. In each and every device they make be it the iPod, iPhone, iWatch, MacBook

The 10 Best iPad Sleeves

All the tablet producers try their best to make their product as slim as possible. Users do enjoy having the thinner gadget in their hands. But the down side is that thinning the product means usually making it more fragile. So the normal thing to do is to try and protect it with display film

25 Most Addictive Games for iPad

Touch screen smartphones brought a sudden transition in the gaming world, and that was from big screen, heavy graphic console games to simple, small but freakishly addictive games. This was made possible with simple games that mostly targeted the competitive impulse of users and by the fact that they were cheap and can be played everywhere and  anywhere a Smartphone can be taken. Apple iPad

20 Luxury iPad Cases That Stand Out

Apple iPad in itself is a pretty expensive gadget and flaunts opulence all the way through its every edge and prospect. However, despite its price there still are many people who have managed to get hold of this device, which in-turn makes it harder for our Richie riches to stand out from these mundane sea of competition. There are many cases

Best Places to Buy a Second Hand iPad and Tips

Apple has always been known to pull out stuff  cherished by everyone. And they didn’t do their reputation any harm when they launched the First Generation Apple iPad in 2010. As was expected the Apple iPad took the world by storm, and rightly so. Even now, 3 years after its launch, it is a gadget everyone loves.

25 iPad Retina Apps to Make the Most of your iPad

Apple iPad in itself is a lot of things including a portable workhorse, stylish gadget and a complete entertainment package. The gaming and every other aspect of iPad is further augmented by its astounding retina display. There are many apps that take full advantage of this feature of iPad particularly and in this post we

10 Examples of Home Made iPad Stands

Since the advent of iPad’s it has become a necessity, however, to use iPad’s we either need to bend or spend an appreciable sum of money to buy an iPad stand. There however is a simple way to actually evade this burden by building an iPad stand yourself. In this post we have collected 10 Examples

11 Unique iPad Accessories to Make You Stand Out

With iPad becoming the most popular tablet in the world, it can appear a daunting task to make yourself stand out from the crowd! But like anything, a few clever accessories can make you ‘stand out’ from the sea of Apple iPad users! In fact with the wide variety of unique iPad accessories you should

10 Most Expensive iPad Cases

Purchase of an Apple iPad is rarely taken lightly. For most people this iPad is beyond  means and for others, it is simply a drop in the bucket. With these kinds of people, rich people, you will find that their quest to seek out a unique iPad personality remains insatiable. In their quest to find