Online Jobs For 13-Year Olds

If we ask you what is the age at which one can start a job, what would be your reply? Every one of you would have a different take on this topic. For some, it would be 20, for some, it could be 22 and the reactions would vary from person to person. However, it would really surprise you if someone said 13. The starting point of teenage is something that is always correlated with fun, adventure and studies (yes it does sound sad but you have to study). You don’t expect teenagers to work but these days internet has made things quite easy. When it comes to making money and finding jobs, the internet is the best option. 13-year olds can easily find jobs on the digital platform. For them, it has become a cakewalk to make money if they have internet facility in their hands and they are skilled.

Online jobs for 13-year olds are easily available and a lot of teenagers are making quick and handsome money by utilizing the services of this cool platform. If you too belong to this age group and are seeking out options that would let you become an earner at a very young age, the online medium can be your best bet. Want to find out how and why? Scroll down a little and check out this space.

Online Jobs for 13-Year Olds

1. Content creation/writing

This is the easiest and the most exciting of all online jobs, provided you have a flair and passion for writing. Any 13-year old who writes well can find such an online job because there are numerous website owners who want quality and cool content. For them, it is not at all an issue whether you are a 13-year old or a 30-year old. They just want quality articles and if you can deliver it, you are in for fabulous fees. However, you must be good at meeting deadlines because these website owners are clients who want work in time. Also, if you are looking for a long term career in this field, you must start writing regularly.

2. Online surveys

The latest and most popular buzzword on the online platform; filling up surveys is something that has taken the digital world by storm. Everyone and anyone is doing it because filling these online surveys doesn’t require much of skill. It is simple and a fun exercise. The topics range from movies to sports and if you start doing them you will find that they are much cooler than you expected them to be. You just need an internet connection and a bank account to get started. The work hours are flexible and you can work according to your convenience and caliber. Just think of it, what would be more amazing than getting paid for expressing your views and opinion?

3. Devising applications for smartphones

Tech savvy teenagers have a lot to explore on this front and if you meet the wizards in this field you will find that a lot of them come in the age group of 13 to 20. Age limit is something that does not exist when it comes to possessing technical prowess. So, if you are good at coding and all the technical mumbo-jumbo, you will find that smartphone applications can be a classic source of income. Today everyone wants to own an iPhone or iPad and many of them possess one. The number of such smartphone users is on the rise and therefore, there is infinite scope for application developers. So, if you fit the bill, go for it. You can earn a lot of money.

4. Video/computer game testing

Games are something that everyone loves to play and when it comes to video and computer games, every person is game for innovation. This is why gaming companies keep coming up with new and interesting games. But before these games are launched in the market, the game developer company tests it for glitches and difficultly level. For this, they employ people who are experts at games and for the companies; age limit is not a criterion. So, if you are a 13-year old who loves and lives on games, this is an amazing online job option.  You can enjoy the game and also earn handsome fees.  This is what we call the classic example of killing two birds with one stone.

5. Starting your own website or running tutorials

This is for those 13-year olds who are gifted, possess a good deal of knowledge and have a flair for teaching. Launch your own website or post videos of your tutorials on YouTube. It can fetch you a decent amount of money. Posting content on your blog or tutorial is a creative exercise and you can do it very easily. If you have worthwhile things to preach, followers are bound to come calling. Making videos is also not tough and you can do it with the help of your friend or family member. This option gives you name, fame and money; all at the same time.

If you take an eagle’s eye view of the online job scenario, you will find that it is bubbling with fabulous opportunities. What you need is required skill set. If you have it in you, nothing can stop you from making a career and minting money. Since technology has erased the concept of age-appropriate skill set, being a 13-year old is in no way a hindrance to making money by doing a job.  We have told you about the options but before you start your job hunt and analyze yourself for a particular online job, it is important to keep one thing in mind. You must do a solid research about the company with whom you want to work. You must check their authentication and certification.

We are saying this because the veil of anonymity that shrouds the virtual world provides an easy outlet for the mean souls to lure the teenagers into working for free. Fraudsters are also on the lookout for gullible teenagers who they can cheat through this medium. There have been cases of online crimes involving teenagers where they were tricked into providing personal information in the name of an online job. So, be aware of these devious men and means. Take the help of your parents or someone who you trust if you smell something fishy while dealing with a company and never divulge personal information without doing a reality check.

Starting young is the best way to shape up a successful career and if the exercise can begin at the age of 13, why delay it? Opportunities don’t come so easily. You are lucky that you are living in such times where a lot can happen with the mere click of a mouse. Just think of your parents who had no such freedom and facilities but were quite sharp and skilled. Don’t you feel lucky and blessed? We are sure you do but to make the most of this luck and blessing you must start quickly because the competition is quite tough in the online job arena. You must have heard the adage “Early bird gets the grain”. So, spread your wings and fly off to explore the digital dimensions that have a world of opportunities to offer.

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