Newlywed Game Questions to Know Each Other

How much does your spouse know about you? Well, if you are a newly married person, and want to know how and what does your spouse know about you, you should play a game of rapid fire questions. These newlywed game questions will help you to come closer to your spouse.

After a certain time period, two people living in a relation come to know everything about each other. It is possible only if there is a strong bonding between them. Since a healthy relation is the result of the effort of both partners, they must not keep egoistic feelings for each other. It can weaken even the strongest relations. More your spouse knows about you, more your relation is in a safe mode. It will even make your relation healthier than before. On the other hand, if your spouse knows a little about you, it will hurt you, and therefore your relation will be in danger.

So, if you are hosting a party at your home, and still confused about which game would be the most entertaining for the newly married couples, then you should definitely play this amazing game. Here are some questions that you can ask from the couples to figure out how well they know each other. These are:

Newlywed Game Questions

  1. What is your partner’s favorite color?
  2. When did you say sorry to your spouse last time?
  3. How does your partner make balance between personal and office life?
  4. Who starts the fights at home?
  5. Who cooks at home?
  6. What is the favorite food of your spouse?
  7. What does your husband’s boss say about him?
  8. When and how was your first kiss?
  9. Where did you meet for the first time?
  10.  How often your husband takes you out for dinner or shopping?
  11.  In your partner’s opinion, what is your best trait?
  12.  What does your partner like the most in you?
  13.  What does your partner like the least in you?
  14.  What is your wife’s favorite dress?
  15.  What was the worst thing happened in your marriage?
  16.  How would you define your spouse in two words?
  17.  What do you do when your partner is not in a good mood?
  18.  How do you handle your husband when he shouts at you?
  19.  In your childhood, what type of partner you wanted to have?
  20.  When and what was your first fight about?
  21.  Who apologized first?
  22.  Who is more important for your husband, you or his parents?
  23. If someday you find your partner having affair with someone else, what would you do?
  24. What is the biggest strength of your partner?
  25. What is the major weakness of your spouse?
  26.  What is the reaction of your wife when you enter in the house with your friends, and that too without intimating her?
  27.  Who is more extravagant?
  28.  Who can manage finances better?
  29.  When would you plan to have a baby?
  30.  Is this love marriage or arranged?
  31.  How many dresses your spouse has?
  32.  Which is her favorite dress and why?
  33. When did you give a gift to your spouse?
  34.  How does your spouse like to celebrate your first marriage anniversary?
  35.  What is the thing that makes your spouse feel proud on you?
  36.  Which activity irritates your spouse the most?
  37.  Which activity your wife likes the most?
  38.  What is the favorite destination of your partner?
  39.  Where did your wife want to go for honeymoon and where did you actually go?
  40.  Who eats the most junk food?
  41.  What does your spouse like to have, baby boy or girl?
  42.  What is the food your wife cooks the most at most?
  43.  Which dish your spouse cooks very tasty?
  44.  If given a chance, what would you like to change about your spouse and why?
  45.  What you don’t like about your partner and why?
  46.  What do you say about the parents of your partner?
  47.  What is the difference between your parents and in-laws?
  48.  Do you think your in-laws love you equally they do your partner?
  49.  Tell me about your first date?
  50. What did your spouse wear for the first date?
  51. What did you want your spouse to wear on that day?
  52.  Which is the favorite movie of your partner?
  53. Who is the favorite hero/heroine of your spouse?
  54.  Which celebrity you think your spouse looks like?
  55.  Which facial feature you like the most about your partner?
  56.  What is the percentage of your spouse in graduation?
  57.  What type of student your partner was in high school?
  58.  What was the biggest failure of your spouse’s career?
  59.  How much dollar is there in your partner’s account?
  60.  How would you rate your spouse in romance?
  61.  What is the size of your partner’s shoes?
  62.  How many pairs of jeans your partner has?
  63.  When did he purchase his last shirt?
  64.  What is the name of your partner’s best friend?
  65. Who was the first girlfriend/boyfriend of your partner?
  66.  What was the reason of breakup between them?
  67.  What are your partner’s career goals?
  68. What is the biggest achievement of your partner’s life?
  69.  What does your partner say about his boss?
  70.  What does your spouse call you with love?
  71.  Where do you like to kiss your spouse the most?
  72.  When did you go out for dinner last time?
  73. What would be the name of your first child?
  74.  Which is your wife’s favorite chocolate and ice cream flavor?
  75.  Which are the favorite flowers of your partner?
  76.  Who made marriage proposal first?
  77.  Who is the biggest liar?
  78.  Who holds the TV remote?
  79.  What is your partner’s favorite TV show?
  80.  How many kids are you hoping to have in future?
  81.  Who will take care of the children?
  82.  What would be your reaction if your wife wants to work?

In the final analysis, we can say that there are various questions that can be asked from a newlywed couple to know to what extent they know each other. These questions may be from there very personal life, office life, family planning, kitchen, friends and so many other questions. Often, couples get to know everything about each other after a certain period of time. If they don’t, it means there relation is not successful or in a danger mode. So, asking such questions is a good idea to know about your spouse’s likes and dislikes.

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